Weather Watch: Week 14 Forecast

Weather Watch
Dorian ‘The Trashman” Colbert,

Photograph by: Bruce Edwards , Edmonton Journal

If last week was any indication, meteorology is not an exact science. Every analyst on this side of the Atlantic (and probably the PFF guys in the UK as well) had the Cleveland vs. Oakland game turning into a storm of historic proportions. If you actually saw the game, you know it was anything but. That being said, it’s good to be prepared for the worst. Here are your game forecasts for Week 14.


Dallas @ Cincinnati: Even though there is an 80% chance of rain, neither team has a good enough running game to keep from going to the air. This bodes well for either defense as Romo and Dalton are currently running second and fourth in the league in interceptions.

Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay: As it stands, it will be warm and sunny in Florida with a 20% chance of rain.

St. Louis @ Buffalo: There is a 50% chance of showers in Buffalo, but they probably won’t hit until the late afternoon, if at all.

Kansas City @ Cleveland: Ah, Cleveland. It will be a lovely 51 degrees with a 60% chance of rain in The Factory of Sadness on Sunday. That’s actually great football weather.

Atlanta @ Carolina: It probably won’t rain during the game, but 20 mph gusts of wind are a possibility.  Cam kept it close last time, so I expect ball control to be the name of the game. upgrade all runners in this contest.

Baltimore @ Washington D.C.: This in state rivalry match up will be a fun one regardless of the weather conditions, which happen to be fair. There is a 40% chance of rain which could make RGIII even more slippery than usual.

San Diego @ Pittsburgh: Rain is in the forecast at 70%, but the winds are set to be calm. Will Big Ben’s rib hold out? And should you even play him in risk that he could get knocked out during a fantasy playoff game? That’s the real issue here.

New York Jets @ Jacksonville: People move to Florida for the weather, so it’s no surprise that this is shaping up to be a nice game at partly sunny and 78 degrees. Too bad the game play won’t be that way.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis: Dome

Chicago @ Minnesota: Dome

Miami @ San Francisco: A real San Francisco treat. 63 degrees and Sunny.

Arizona @ Seattle: With a high of 43 degrees and 40% chance of rain, the weather in Seattle is playing into the hands of the Seahawks who are used to such brisk and briny conditions. I expect the ‘Hawks defense to be serious ball hawks this week, though John Skelton is a definite step up from Ryan Lindley.

New Orleans @ New York Giants: It will be 50 degrees with a 50% chance of rain in New York. Are you noticing a pattern in these east coast games? It could be a big day for a lot of running backs and defenses this Sunday.

Detroit @ Green Bay: A true midwest match up, there is a 40% chance of snow in Green Bay for this contest. This is nothing new to either team, but this kind of weather tends to slow games down. Temper your expectations for high marks for Rodgers and Stafford in the chance that snow does fall.

Houston @ New England: Houston’s game plan on Monday night will be to keep the ball on the ground and in Arian Foster’s hands, and the 40 degree rainy weather that is being forecast shouldn’t change that. Tom Brady could do work in a monsoon without blinking so I’m not worried about the Patriots either.


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