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Week 4 DFS Cheat Sheets (DraftKings, FanDuel) and HyperDFS Lineup Generator NOW LIVE

Mike Band Heashot 750Week 4 DFS Cheat Sheets: FanDuel and DraftKings
By Mike Band and the RosterWatch staff
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The epic DFS Cheat Sheets for FanDuel and DraftKings are now LIVE and available for download to RosterWatch PRO members.


NEW! Check out the new and improved version of our professional lineup builder, RosterWatch HyperDFS, also in your downloads section!

*****As a reminder, we always recommend using the Cheat Sheet in conjunction with the Vegas Tool once it is published Saturday evenings as Vegas almost always identifies a few value plays who aren’t necessarily on the sheet, but may provide excellent flexibility cap-wise.*****


THE GOAL of the sheet is to reduce the number of players for the weekly slate to players expected to generate Positive Surplus Value (fantasy points over salary expected points). The player pool is narrowed down to players who meet a minimum number of trends.

THE TRENDS are a series of pass/fail threshold tests of position-specific stats predictors. Through the use of predictive models, we have analyzed every predictive metric we could for each position related to Vegas Indicators, Unit Matchups, Individual Matchups, Historical Performance, Game Script, Weather, and so much more.

Using a non-linear model, we’ve found BASELINES for each metric. For each baseline TREND TEST, if the player passed, he receives a [+1]. For example, using the Matchup Tool Rankings vs. QBs, the model found that an Opponent Ranking ranked in the bottom (9) teams allow on average +3.7 surplus points to opposing QBs. If the QB’s matchup is ranked worse than the baseline, the QB receives [+1] trend. In addition to positive trends, negative trends are also included. The model found that the top ranked pass defenses vs. QBs allow on average -5.4 surplus points.

THE ORDER is determined first by position Salary Tiers, then by Total Trends. The salary tiers are colored by BLUE (High-Priced), RED (Mid-Range), PURPLE (Higher-Risk Bargains).


Choose the players from the sheet you like best. Mix-and-match them to create your personal, optimal lineup. It’s that simple.

Take note of projected ownership percentages when putting your team together. In 50/50, Double-Up and head-to-head contests, there is nothing wrong with rostering players who project as popular choices across the board. However, in larger field tournaments, it is always wise to differentiate from the public with a few lower-percentage plays and/or stacks.

The Vegas Tool will be out before the main slate occurs.

Click here to go to your profile page and download the Cheat Sheets and utilize the HyperDFS tool.


  1. Very tough matchup this week. Started cohen last night for high ceiling and risk and didn’t get anything. Who should go in WR2? Crabtree, Pryor or Lee? Also assuming if I have mixon and Gordon I’m starting Gordon right? This week is a must win but up against best team in league. Thanks!!!

    1. eh, terrible matchup for crab, and he might not even play. pryor is the upside play over lee if you’re looking for boom potential. yes, gordon over mix.

  2. Was offered Mike Thomas and Mixon, for Ajayi and Hopkins. What do u think?

  3. YES! You finally left Lev Bell off the cheatsheet. He’s been the biggest DFS bust so far this season. I can sleep easy now, and possibly win lol

  4. Post By Bech01a1@yahoo.com

    Not DFS related but dynasty related. I don’t care about this year either. John Ross or josh doctson? I’m leaning doctson

  5. Post By jstanziani01@gmail.com

    Hi Guys,

    i point PPR league and need a final flex play:
    Crabtree, Henry, Amendola, or Richard.

  6. What are you guys’ thoughts on Fanball DFS?

  7. New trade proposal: Get: Joe Mixon. Give: Michael Thomas.

    My team looks like this:
    A Rodgers
    CJ Anderson
    Jamaal Williams
    D Parker
    E Sanders
    Rishard Matthews
    Jeremy Macklin


  8. Here’s my DK cash lineup

    D Watson – Tenn scores and gets scored on… likely shootout, 50 rushing yrds /gm
    Gurly- ppr machine, offense runs through him, cheaper than Zeke
    D. Cook- ppr machine, price is right, high floor
    D Hopkins- stack w qb, Target monster, likely shootout
    Golden shower Tate- Target monster, ppr stud, slot guy (Rhodes are open?) Lions haven’t run the ball since BS years
    D. Parker- target hog, playing saints, 17’ wr breakout candidate
    E. Ingram- cheap, cheap, cheap, Giants can’t run the rock, bucs D is beat up AF
    C. Carson- cheap, Hawks should be up and running the ball a lot, 3 dwn back?
    Lions D- cheap, underrated D, case keenum (meh)

    RW if this hits can I get a job tho? Mom says I gotta move out the basement… And plus I’m nice with !Google sheets!

  9. Bone Daddy 2-1 PPR

    Already starting Hunt, Cook, Jeffery, D. Thomas, need 2 flex J. Allen/Miller/Mixon/Murray/M Jones/Lee/Shepard/Woods


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