RWi 2014 NFL Free Agency- Dallas Cowboys Potential Cuts and Free Agents

2014 NFL Free Agency- Dallas Cowboys Potential Cuts and Free Agents
Byron Lambert,

The Cowboys have the worst projected deficit in 2014 salary cap space of any team in the NFL.

Oh Jerrahhhh.

It never helps when your underperforming quarterback is on the books for $22M, coming off of back surgery for a herniated disc at 33 years old. Incredibly, if the Cowboys wanted to part ways with Tony Romo– he would account for as much as $42M in dead money against the 2014 cap. An apparently declining Demarcus Ware (DE) will eat up another $16M, and the team is upside down by $5M on Brandon Carr’s (CB) $12M cap hit- a player that may no longer even fit the defensive scheme.

Dallas desperately needs to improve it’s personnel in the defensive front-seven, among other areas. Bringing in free agents could be difficult. Fortunately, the team doesn’t face losing too many free agents of its own.

The biggest name of the group will be DE Anthony Spencer. Coming off of injury, Dallas will lose no sleep over letting him walk. Jason Hatcher (DT), Brian Waters (OG), and Jon Kitna (QB) are the other Cowboys free agents of note. Nobody of fantasy relevance faces free agency.

Jerry Jones’ highest priorities this offseason may be drafting another crop of inexpensive rookie contributors, and finding a way to extend OT Tyron Smith and WR Dez Bryant– as both enter the final year of their rookie deals.

Miles Austin (WR) —and his $5.5M salary—is almost a lock to be cut. Terrance Williams is clearly the WR2 of the future. Don’t look now, but Jason Witten (TE) and his $8.4M cap figure could also meet the same fate. Being a Romo favorite, and key locker room contributor- our money is on a restructure with Witten to bring his number down to match his declining play. An $8M cap hit for the next four years is unacceptable.

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