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2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Cheat Sheet v1.3 Now Available

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RosterWatch Nation, Version 1.3 of RW’s legendary cheat sheet for dynasty rookie drafts is live and available for download to PRO members. Use the cheat sheet the same way you use the redraft cheat sheet. Follow the three simple rules, and an expert-quality draft is guaranteed. PRO Members can access the cheat sheet on their downloads page or by clicking here.

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  1. Final keeper in 14 team dynasty league

    R. Burkhead, J Stewart, C. Beasley, M. Jones

    RB keepers- L. Bell, D. Murray, M. Lynch, CJ Prosise
    WR keepers- M. Bryant, P. Garcon, R. Cobb, L. Treadwell, K. White

    I’ve been leaning toward JStew for my last spot, but I’m weaker at WR and I’m not sure how McCaffrey is going to effect Stewarts season.

    1. yes, with your relative weakness at WR we might just keep Marvin. He has big upside as we saw to begin last year, but he just fell off though the final 3/4 of the year.

  2. Dynasty ppr

    I’ve been offered
    CJ procise
    Jonathan Williams and 1.10

    I have the 1.01, 1.10, 2.09 and 2.11.
    Taking Leo F 1.01 and hoping to go nuclear and land J Ross at 1.10 but have seen him go earlier in a lot of rookie drafts.

    My backs are:
    Jonathan Williams
    J Stewart

    Kelvin Benjamin
    Cam Meredith
    Robby Anderson
    Robert Woods

    Love CJ but seems steep to me. Would hate to miss out on the chance to snag JR.

    Thanks as always Deagsdan

    1. Somehow left Derrick Henry out of my RB’s

  3. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Personally, Id keep the 110
    I bet Kamara falls to you who should be as good or better than procise.

    thought RW pros ?

  4. Post By Daddy Caddy

    10 team PPR keeper league and I get to keep 3…
    LeVeon Bell
    LeSean McCoy
    Melvin Gordon
    TY Hilton

    I’m really leaning towards keeping all three RB’s and then picking up a 4th in the first 4 rounds. Any suggestions?

  5. Post By Shady Bizness

    Dynasty rookie draft coming up 2 weeks out.

    Have 1.8, 1.9, 1.12, 2.2, 2.4 and have tried to think of every pick combo possible for me at 8/9 to set the tier in motion for Hunt/perine/kamara, ross, engram/njoku. With Zay & Foreman top targets for me at 2.2 & 2.4. My Rb’s are my weakest overall position group.

    If we assume the top 6 go as they have been, with OJ at 7, Ive been thinking Hunt/Ross at 8/9 but recently my arch rival who I KNOW is anti Ross big time just traded for 1.10 & 1.11. Knowing this, are you ok with the risk of taking Hunt/Perine then fingers crossed for Ross at 12? My gut says he will take Kamara & a TE @ 10 & 11…
    Or Stick with Hunt/Ross @ 8/9 which would guarantee me a 1 out of perine/kamara/engram/njoku at 12 still?

    Any thoughts on this situation or the late 1st/early 2nd in general much appreciated. Glad to have you guys back on sirius & looking fwd to the new dynasty cheat sheet. Keep on grinding.

  6. Post By Tommy Thompson

    Dynasty draft coming up. Tyreek Hill is available (we don’t allow in-season pickups. You can keep your entire roster year over year). Where would you slot him when compared to the rookie class. He is the only non-rookie likely to be drafted.

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