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2017 Dynasty Rookie Draft Cheat Sheet v1.4 Now Available

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RosterWatch Nation, Version 1.4 of RW’s legendary cheat sheet for dynasty rookie drafts is live and available for download to PRO members. Use the cheat sheet the same way you use the redraft cheat sheet. Follow the three simple rules, and an expert-quality draft is guaranteed. PRO Members can access the cheat sheet on their downloads page or by clicking here.

Not an RW PRO member? Why not? It’s quick and easy and costs less than a (cheap!) cup of coffee. You’ll never be a fantasy loser again – give yourself the gift of winning while supporting your boys at RosterWatch … check out the testimonials.



  1. No more Golladay on the cheat sheet?

    1. My sentiments exactly. Waiting for a reply myself…..

  2. Have my draft tomorrow……been stoked about him w all the talk but now I wonder, do the RW boys have some maniacal insider info!?

    1. He somehow got left off the update, was travelling all day yesterday, but added him in just now. Dunno what happened but thanks for the heads up – a few people on twitter also noticed. Apologies. GL w/ your drafts today!

  3. Beauty…..back to full mythical status.

  4. Following it to a T.
    Full on rebuild mode w four picks in the 1st:

    1.01 Porterhouse Fournette
    1.05 Dalvin Cook
    1.10 John Ross
    1.11 Samaje Perine

    Looking pretty meniacal

    1. Aaaand swung for the fences w Golladay at 2.09 (my last pick)

      And thank you fellas for forwarding my info so I could be apart of the inaugural RW listener league. Super pumped! Just a heads up that you may have to pay international shipping charges on the championship prize as I’m up in the Great White North. Maybe they’ll let it slide as there are no borders in RW NATION! Honestly though, thanks for the hook up gents.


  5. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    I made it in too ! Thanks to you for helping me get in.

    Deagsdan, I was in rebuild too and my draft didn’t turn out much different than yours.
    I wound up with – Fournette – traded pick 102 for Allen robinson and pick 109 where I got Perine – then at 103 I took Davis – John Ross at 1.12 – and grabbed Myles Garrett at 203.

    1. Ya rebuilds are fun as F! I took over a pretty bad orphan, but she’s all mine now! Nice haul man. Look forward to battling in the listener league, good luck this year Mr. VonIronCock

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