2018 NFL Draft Top 12 Mock Draft Scenarios



  1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    If Cleveland wants allen, and theyre the ONLY team who have him ranked inside the 3 hole, they need to trade the 1st overall pick, like in scenario 4.

    Question for you

    in my DYNA – I am a serious contender

    though my rb depth is weak sauce !~

    I have the chance to trade into the 103 where presumably I take Michel or chubb
    the question is :
    Do you trade pick 201 – 204 and 2019 1st
    for 1.03 ( and like 2x 8ths ) knowing that there is no guarantee that Michel or Chubb hit ?

    PS –
    In the pod where you had a tonne of listener questions, I sent a picture of Rafi from the league..
    Just wanted to say Alex followed the wrong narrative on the reference.
    The Raffi character is indeed swarthy as balls, that was not what the reference was pointing to, it was that the raffi character on the show, is kind of a drifter, doesn’t have a job, squats in peoples places, and f&*ks their wives.

    just wanted to clear the air 🙂

    1. Where is your current pick in the dynasty draft that you would be moving up from?

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    I Traded my 1st and C Davis for DJ and 201
    Now I have only those 2 2nd rounders

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