2019 Best Ball Cheat Sheet Updated to V3.2


We’ve made structural changes in a few portions of the sheet to account for news coming out of early rookie minicamps and around the league as usual.

The simple rules for using the sheet of paper to dominate your best-ball draft are the same three rules you have followed in redraft and dynasty leagues using the tool for years with a few minor caveats detailing how many players to take at each position. Feel free to deviate slightly from the exact slotting in order to make sure that player thresholds at each position are reached.

Other than that, basically, the rules are so simple, a toddler could follow them. Keep checking back to RosterWatch.com to make sure you have the latest version of the Best Ball Cheat Sheet before drafting, as things can and will change (sometimes drastically) through the spring as ADPs shift and as we gather more of our industry-leading intelligence on the 2019 class.

Welcome to another fantasy season, RW Nation.

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  1. Dynasty startup, 12 team superflex, PPR with .25 / carry. QB and RB are the two positions I want to spend up for elite talent. If you draft 1 elite RB to be the anchor for the next 8 years (taking auction price in to it) which would it be: Barkley, Zeke, McCaffrey, or Kamara? I’m thinking Zeke right now (oline, health, young QB).

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We’d probably just take the guy that will cost you the least of the group. Wait until a couple of them go off, then start bidding on the last two. They’re all excellent options. In a vacuum all things even-we’re prob taking Barkley., then Zeke.

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    You wont find an rb to anchor you for 5 years let alone 8.
    They take too much of a beating on 30 touches per game to last.

    Go young stud wr or young stud qb if you want an anchor.

    But hard to pass on saquon

    1. The .25 / carry really puts WR behind RB for total points. An elite QB will definitely be a target too. I’m viewing this dynasty league 3 years at a time, so I’m not too concerned with projecting 6 years from now.

  3. Hey guys. I’m doing a dynasty startup draft in June. Wondering if you guys put together a startup cheat sheet or if you do just for rookies? If not, got any recommendations for me where I should look instead? I used your redraft sheets last year and loved the results so I appreciate any help. Thanks.

    1. Hey CSU, we’re talking with our developer about whether dynasty startup sheets are an option for this year, we have never done them before but are getting tons of requests. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer right now, but we hope this is a product we’ll be adding sooner than later.

  4. where is mecole hardman?

    1. shit, he must have gotten deleted with the new update on accident, thanks for the heads up, will get that fixed!

  5. does asj move down with watson recent signing? TE12 seems a little high

    1. There is a reason for everything, but I will consider moving ASJ down some. I don’t give. a shit about Watson and worry more about Andrew Beck tbh. Also, the difference between TE12 and TE20 is splitting hairs. Hopefully you own Herndon at least before you get to this spot.

  6. Post By Byron Lambert

    Probably so

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