2019 Fantasy WR Scoring Distribution: Busts and Monsters

alex bylineHere is a supplemental tool you can use for your 2019 draft research and preparation for the upcoming redraft season. The tool is a simple one: it calculates and gives a visualization of the frequency with which a fantasy player either had a monster game or an awful one for fantasy purposes.

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The tool is color-coded from white (the worst) to dark green (the best) and is sorted by early 2019 ADP. For the purposes of the tool, a “bust” in standard leagues is a score of anything less than 7 points while a monster is any score over 20. For PPR, the parameters are anything under 10 points being labeled as a bust while monsters are considered any output over 25. A few notes on the tool:

– No rookies are included as we do not have an NFL sample to use for fantasy points scored, obviously.

– Among veterans, the last two years of data (all games, including Week 17 and NFL playoffs when applicable) are taken into consideration. For players who only have one season of NFL data on the books, only that season was taken into consideration.

– For some veterans, special samples were taken, and in this case, you should see a * by their name.


  1. Are you all going to have an Offensive Line Rankings this year for Pro members or was that too much of a controversy with everyone last year?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      It’s up

  2. Post By Donovan Reta

    I sent Jen an email regarding RW Listener League #4. Take a took when you have a chance.

  3. Post By Byron Lambert

    Hi Donovan!

    Looks like Jen took care of this? Also, please keep her posted on league draft date and group chat if you haven’t already! Looking forward to a fun season!


  4. Any more room in a Listener League?

    1. we may get another one going if we get enough interest, email JEN info@rosterwatch.com. If we get enough responses, we’ll make a new league.

  5. I’d like to give the RosterWatch boys some action as well

    1. haha, we don’t play in them, but we do observe them closely and dole out the prizes — see the email above.

  6. Post By DROCK_in_NC

    Just a comment. I still laugh that the guys in my home league (Year 19) are still wanting to know how I killed it in the draft last year. I want to tell them but then again I can’t . I shall keep the cheat sheet magic all to myself. ** insert evil laugh**

    1. Post By Christopher

      Same here man! Had some great drafts with this easy to use che!t sheets!

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Amazing, thanks guys!

  7. Post By scorpion7576@frontier.com

    Would like to have your opinion as it relates to the following 3 WR’s in a PPR setting. Looking for WR2’s who are capable of posting the following stat lines. Ranking them would be perfect

    Cooper Kupp / Tyler Lockett / DJ Moore (16 Team Salary Cap League) 48 players currently on rosters. These three have modest salaries and I am looking to acquire them in trade for draft picks.

    80 Receptions 1250 yards 10+ TDs
    Advise. Thanks.

  8. Post By Byron Lambert

    Prob Kupp, Moore, Lockett

    Obv close call, if you’re goosey on Kupp returning from knee getting off to a slow start- could see gambling on Moore first.

  9. Loyal believer/subscriber in RWPro for two or more years!!! I can’t find a Best Ball cheat sheet, can you email it to me or tell me how to locate it.

  10. Looking for advice…Salary Cap/Contract league…I can keep 3 of these guys and sign one for 3 years….A. Jeffrey, D. Pettis, R. Anderson, T. Boyd, W. Fuller, J. Howard.

    Full PPR, start 3 RB and 3 WR no Flex. I already have A. Cooper, A. Miller. CMac, Guice and Drake signed. And I have first pick overall(prob Josh Jacobs). Was thinking 3 years to Pettis, Boyd for this year and toss up between the rest.

    Thanks in advance.

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