PRO 2019 Rookie Spotlight: Bruce Anderson, RB, North Dakota State

Rookie Spotlight: Bruce Anderson, North Dakota State University

Height: 5’11 1/4”
Weight: 209
Hands: 9″
Arm: 32 1/4″
40 yard dash: 4.58 (projected)
NFL Comparison: Kerryon Johnson

– good ball security
– capable in all facets of running game
– sharp, character guy, military family
– strong kick returner
– powerful yet elusive

– small school pedigree
– wasn’t called to block much

Scouting Notes: After watching Anderson, I’m confident he’d be a top 10 RB prospect if he was coming from an FBS school, and he might be one as-is. He’s got everything you could want out of a lead back in the NFL. He’s a patient back, but he can create his own opportunities on the second level. He runs with power, and yet he’s extremely elusive in the open field. Anderson is always aware of the ball in his grasp, and does everything in his power to keep it there, deftly changing what hand the ball is in depending on where defenders are. He’s got great downfield vision too, which aids his very capable kick-returning. A leader on his team, Anderson has the talent and character to succeed on the next level.

Fantasy Outlook: The fact the he comes from an FCS school might hurt Anderson in the draft. People will question whether he’s really that good or if his competition just wasn’t up to snuff. I can’t honestly say that isn’t the case, but his tape is hard to ignore. If he can clock in at the high 4.40’s like he did coming out of high school, Anderson stands a chance of being a 3rd or 4th round pick. His abilities as a kick-returner will definitely help his stock, too. In recent history, we’ve seen low profile players succeed when given the opportunity in the NFL (Chris Carson, Phillip Lindsay, etc.). I believe Anderson is another success story.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Like all rookie profiles, this one will continue to be updated through the draft process with intel as we acquire it.


– Hear Senior Bowl Director Jim Nagy’s analysis of Anderson in Episode 121 of the RosterWatch Podcast

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