PRO 2020 Senior Bowl Weigh-In Measurements

Click here to go to the shared spreadsheet of official prospect measurements from the National Scouting Weigh-in at the 2020 Senior Bowl

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  1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    So dynasty season question :
    Mike Evans is 27 next season, & had a top 12 season even with missing 3 games
    I am always cycling thru my roster to keep my average stud age around <25 … I have evans and adams and keenan all 27-28 yrs old

    1 – do you try to sell him now ? I am thinking DJ moore ( but DJM is 4 years younger so I may be the one adding to the deal )
    2 – do you think a new qb ( presumably rivers ) will hurt or help him ?
    3 – Any other targets you can mention for me to go after by trading one of these studs ?

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