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PRO 2021 Week 1 Preseason DFS Saturday Slate Walk-Through and Primer


  1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

    Sick primer. Love it

  2. RosterWatch Nation I am picking 3rd this year in a 12 team full point ppr redraft league. We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), K, and Def with only 5 bench spots. I just did a simulation off Fantasy Pros using the ppr cheat sheet and followed the three simple rules. Below is what I got from the simulation.

    QB: Tannehill
    RBs: Kamara, Dobbins, Sanders, Davis, Edmonds, Edwards, and Pollard
    WRs: Allen, Kupp, Brown
    TE: Trautman

    It is very hard to stash players on a short bench while still working the waiver wire each week. Therefore, it is hard for me to justify taking a late round flier on a second QB who may emerge during the season like Lance, Fields, etc. Obviously, you want to stash as many RBs and WRs with upside on your bench. How many RBs and WRs would you ultimately draft in a setup like this? Also, would you spend a draft pick on an upside QB like Lance or Fields if you draft a safe option like Tannehill? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. Generally you should have gotten one more WR than this, and that would have been a perfectly fine haul even with those three since you only start two and benches are so short. It is good as it is. If you have four of one and five of the other, I would definitely want to take Lance as a second QB if possible.

  3. Post By PhillysPhinest

    In a 12 person 0.5 ppr… I will be keeping Gibson and drafting CMC. At the 2/3 turn would you go with another RB and WR or grab two top WRs. After Keepers and Mocks, I think Ill have the choice of CEH, JK, Sanders, Jacobs, K Allen, AJ, McLaurin. Gibson will count as my 5th pick and we play 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex.

    If I don’t take an RB on the turn, I feel like I am probably looking at a Davis, Edmonds, Mostert, Harris as RB3…


    1. OF course it depends on who is left, but among the options you’ve listed, I would love to start out my draft CMC, Gibson and I would certainly grab at least one WR. IF AJB and Keenan Allen are available I would defintely take those guys.

  4. Team Name: Major Disaster
    12 team .5 pt
    This league has no traditional TE spot just a W/T flex spot.
    I am wondering where Pitts, Andrews, Hockenson as well as Logan Thomas and Noah Fant would rank if thrown in with the wide receivers on the .5 pt cheat sheet.
    Would you be moving the TE down on the chart?
    Would Pitts be around the Antonio Brown range and Logan Thomas around DJ Chark range?
    Looking forward to all your great content this year.

    1. I think the way you have it calculated makes a lot of sense. You know your league and how TEs are valued.

  5. Hey RW,
    Been a member for about 4 yrs now, thx for all maniacal tools. Is there a updated best ball cheat sheet?

  6. Picking @ #9, looks like A. Jones, Chubb & Barkley will be available. Leaning Chubb, what you think. 1/2 ppr with 1 qb, 2 rbs, 2 wrs, & 1 flex.

  7. Post By Strikingadeal

    Thanks for posting the preseason info, don’t usually do DFS in preseason….but…Made a little cash to almost pay for my subscription on this intel!

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