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PRO 2023 Rookie Spotlight: Deuce Vaughn, RB Kansas State

Rookie Spotlight: Deuce Vaughn, Kansas State
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 179 lbs
Hands: 9 1/4”
Arm: 27 3/4”
40 yard dash: 4.56 sec
2023 Age: 22
NFL Comparison: Darren Sproles

Offensive Market Share Metrics (Final Season)

Rushing Attempts: 53%
Receptions: 17%
Scrimmage Yards: 33%
Scrimmage TDs: 23%
Total Production Percentage: 31%

As a high school prospect: Class of 2020; 3-star

Extremely productive college career
Uses diminutive size to his advantage
Good burst
Accelerates quickly
Excellent route runner
High-points the ball (as much as you can call it “high-pointing” at 5-5)

Absolutely tiny
Seems to absorb or shed contact rather than avoid it
Ineffective blocker

Scouting Notes:
The first thing one notices about Vaughn is his size compared to the other players on the field. He’s tiny, at least height wise, but at 179 lbs, he’s actually pretty stocky for his frame. It’s hard to hold Vaughn’s measurables against him though, as he led all draft eligible RBs in total yards(1,936) in 2022. He’s able to turn his shortcoming, no pun intended, into an advantage as he is able to squirt through the line unscathed and then use his low center of gravity to deflect contact at the second level. Vaughn has decent long speed, but he possesses dynamic short area burst, getting to top speed quickly and then finding angles to beat the secondary. Where Vaughn really comes in handy is as a pass-catcher(42/379/3). Armed with relatively massive 9/1/2 hands, he’s able to high point the ball and he runs routes with the finesse of a WR, so he’s not just an asset out of the backfield. With the ball in his hands, Vaughn tends to absorb or shed contact rather than avoid it altogether, which could pose problems at the next level – Again, his elite production at the college level makes his technique difficult to dispute though. The most glaring setback in Vaughn’s game is his effectiveness as a pass blocker. He’s willing, but he’s not particularly effective, as you might expect.

Fantasy Outlook:
Let’s be honest, Vaughn’s lack of size will knock him down the draft board of many teams. That being said, I see him as a potentially effective piece of any offense in the NFL. Durability is less of a concern, considering his staggering track record of touches, and Vaughn has been able to utilize his small but sturdy frame as a mismatch, especially in the passing game. He’s not going to be anyone’s main source of production on the ground, but he could work wonders in a committee as a change of pace/3rd down back with frustrating upside.

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