PRO 2024 Rookie Spotlight: Blake Corum, RB Michigan

Rookie Spotlight: Blake Corum, Michigan
Height: 5-7 1/2”
Weight: 205 lbs
Hands: 9″
Arm: 28 7/8” (official)
40 yard dash: 4.53 (combine)
2024 Age: 23
NFL Comparison: Jaylen Warren, Duke Johnson, Doug Martin, Michael Carter

Elite vision
Undeniably major component of Michigan’s championship team
Picks lanes well
Excellent contact balance
Strong one cut and up runner
Effective and willing blocker
Decent pass-catcher
Professional RB demeanor/play-style
Big-time nose for the end zone

Not a big-play back
Average speed
Needs build up to run through tackles
Small in stature
2022 ACL tear, good amount of tread has worn off the tires
Beneficiary of excellent run-blocking

Scouting Notes:
Corum isn’t a runaway train so much as he’s a NYC cab, finding the most efficient ways to get to his destinations. He has excellent vision and is able to pick his lanes with expertise, chewing up yardage bit by bit. He’s not going to break many big plays, but by the end of the day he’ll have accumulated enough to mitigate that fact. A decisive one cut and up runner, Corum is quick to the hole, but he’s not a speedster. He needs to build up steam to run through tackles, though he’s as strong as an ox – at the bench press at least. His small compact stature affords him good contact balance, but he’s not going to bulldoze many defenders. He didn’t need to often in 2023 as his offensive line (featuring SIX players invited to the 2024 NFL combine) was one of the best run-blocking units in college football. His strength does benefit his pass blocking, as he’s shown plenty of tape where he’s effective in that department (although not really rated as such on the whole in 2023 by PFF), and as a pass-catcher he’ll probably be able to get the job done, too.

Fantasy Outlook:
Corum’s size will be a limiting factor in many the minds of NFL execs leading up to the draft. His relatively strong Combine showing should definitely help to put some doubts to rest, but just looking at him, it’s hard to ignore his smaller build. That he doesn’t always use that power to the utmost extent in his runs doesn’t help his cause. That being said, Corum is better than most of the backs in the draft, and I doubt he drops lower than the 3rd or 4th round. As an NFL back, I don’t know that he’s special enough to get a crack at the starting job right away, but I think he could fall into such a position through injury or concerted effort on his part.

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