Alex Dunlap Joins RotoUnderworld Radio To Talk Rookies, Best Ball and More

You can listen to Alex’s appearance on the RotoUnderworld Radio Podcast with the PodFather Matt Kelley here, or you can stream it at this link. The two discuss a wide and varying array of fantasy football topics ranging from Senior Bowl standouts to rookie WRs to 2019 best ball strategy, Julian Edelman’s HOF worthiness and much more.


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    RW NATION! I’m in a keeper league where we keep 12. It’s 10 teams and PPR. 1 QB league. My squad is highlighted by Gurley, Kamara, DJ, Henry, a Jones, Julio, Thomas, a cooper, c Davis, Sutton, a Miller, mike Williams, OJ Howard, brees, and garrapolo. Can I trade a jones and cooper for Russ Wilson, tyreek hill, and 2.05? Thinking my 12 could then be Russ, Brees, gurley, Kamara, DJ, Henry, Julio, Thomas, hill, Davis, Sutton, Howard.
    OR another possible offer is I trade DJ, cooper, m Williams, 4.02 for ju ju, Sony m, and 3.02? My 12 then are probably Brees, garrapolo, gurley, Kamara, Sony, Henry, a Jones, Julio, Thomas, ju ju, Davis, Howard.
    Thoughts? Sorry for the long post!

  2. I think both of those trades sound fine and reasonable.

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      Thanks a lot Alex. Preference for one or the other? Am I forcing it a bit much or should I stand pat? Another team has mahomes, obj, cooks, AJ green, zeke, and cmc so I’m chasing them!!

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