Buy or Sell Narratives: Raheem Mostert, Tyrod Taylor, Josh Gordon, Taysom Hill

Buy or Sell Narratives: Raheem Mostert, Tyrod Taylor, Josh Gordon, Taysom Hill
by Alan Seslowsky

Every NFL offseason there are storylines and narratives that ultimately shape how fantasy owners view players and situations. Many of these storylines are “coach speak” or fun to explore but have no real meaning or significance. Our job as fantasy analysts is to decode the narratives based on actions of the team, past behaviors of coaches, and good old common sense. We have all seen false narratives move the ADP marketplace in the past. Below are a few narratives that are trending coming out of Memorial Day Weekend 2020. RosterWatch gives our “verdict” on each developing plot.

Josh Gordon: Buy or Sell he will be productive if re-instated

RosterWatch believes there is a decent probability that he will be reinstated into the NFL. If that happens the Seattle Seahawks still have his rights. He could win the WR3 job on the team, but his best days are way behind him. He is no longer a dominant athlete, relative to the young players now in the league. RosterWatch recommends fading the chase if there is positive news on Gordon. Verdict: SELL


Tyrod Taylor: Buy or Sell he will start for the whole 2020 season

The LA Chargers drafted rookie QB Justin Herbert with the 6th overall pick in the 2020 draft. Herbert is a solid prospect with upside to support the Charger pass-catchers. With a shortened off-season program around the NFL, most expect rookies to develop slightly slower than usual. Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn has already committed to starting veteran Tyrod Taylor in Week 1. We have seen this routine too many times to be fooled. The high draft pick QB is ear-marked to sit for his first season. The team then has a bad start and the pressure mounts to put the rookie QB in. There is no reason to believe this is any different. It is a solid bet that we see Justin Herbert play within six weeks unless the Chargers are winning consistently. Verdict: SELL


Taysom Hill: Buy or Sell he is the heir apparent to Drew Brees in 2021

It is widely believed this could be the last season for 41-year-old future Hall of Fame QB Drew Brees. The Saints did put their money up to retain Taysom Hill through the end of the 2021 season while letting Teddy Bridgewater go to Carolina. The Saints also signed 2019’s passing yards leader, Jameis Winston, to a one-year high-end backup contract. Hill is older than most realize. He will be age 30 when the season starts. The Athletic’s NFL Insider, Jay Glazer, who is known to have a good relationship with Saints Head Coach Sean Payton, said that “Taysom is a bigger Lamar Jackson.” That statement is eyebrow-raising coming from a source as connected as Glazer, but can be classified as offseason hyperbole with a simple eye test. As easy as it is to brush off the idea that Taysom Hill is a serious candidate to be the Saints starter in 2021 RosterWatch, is taking it seriously in Superflex dynasty leagues. The smoke signals out of NOLA have been consistent on this issue long before this most recent report. Verdict: BUY 


Raheem Mostert: Buy or Sell he will get 200+ touches in 2020

A news item that is making the rounds across social media is that San Fransisco RB Raheem Mostert is “bulking up” in preparation for a bigger workload in 2020. Mostert is shaping up to be one of the more polarizing players in drafts. Currently, he is being drafted at the end of round four. He was the best runner on the 49ers last season. In 2019 he totaled just over 135 carries and 14 receptions. His former teammate, running back Matt Brieda was traded to the Dolphins during the NFL draft vacating 142 touches. All of this is points to a very good projection for Mostert: Verdict: BUY


  1. Rosterwatch!

    We had my rookie draft last night and thanks to some offseason trades with the advice from you guys and that Legend above me ( Baron VonIronCock ) I came out the draft with Dobbins (1.03), Vaughn (1.08) , Mims (2.03), Josh Kelley (3.06), Trautman (4.03) and Van Jefferson (4.06) so now my team looks like this:

    10 team Dynasty PPR (6pt passing TD, -2 INT)
    1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 (WR/RB/TE) 1 TE

    QB: Mayfield, Tannehill, Winston, Brissett

    RB: L. Fournette, Dobbins, Vaughn, Joshua Kelley, R. Jones, J. White, D. Freeman, G. Bernard, R. Armstead

    WR: Chark, D. Samuel, T. Boyd, Mims, Van Jefferson, J. Crowder, M. Jones, A. Lazard, A. Tate, D. Funchess

    TE: H. Henry, Trautman, G. Olsen, K. Rudolph

    These guys below can be claimed Wed so WHICH guys should I add and HOW MUCH would you bid from my $200 FAAB on each player respectively? Only one I know so far is spending $30 on Hurst but who else should I pick up and who would you DROP for them?

    QB: B. Roethlisberger, Rivers, Dalton, Stidham, Tyrod Taylor, Fitzpatrick, Taysom Hill

    RB: Boston Scott, Bryce Love, Lamical Perine, Calais, McCoy, Gore, McKinnon, Ogunbowale, Burkhead

    WR: Tyler Johnson, J. Gordon, D. Jackson, Conley, Reynolds

    TE: Hurst, B. Jarwin, D. Knox, Sternberger, Hollister

    1. Oops sorry I copied and pasted this from my other post but Baron VonIronCock has been a huge help!

  2. Post By Byron Lambert

    Great job Renourka! Way to re-stock your squad in a fell swoop! Awesome rookie haul.

    Big Ben might be a decent add for this yr, if I was looking to future adding Stidham or Hill for cheap couldn’t hurt. Would go minimum bid on those guys.

    Jarwin should be owned too!

    1. Appreciate it Byron.

      So spend $30 on Hurst but how much for Jarwin?

      How much on Big Ben? Also minimum I could spend is technically $1 so put in claims for Stidham and Hill?

      Going to need to drop 3 or 4 guys to make these claims so who are my most droppable guys past Brissett?

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        I’d go $1 ea on Hill and Stidham. Then maybe go 5-10 on Big Ben, and 15-20 ea on Jarwin, and Hurst

  3. Post By Alan Seslowsky

    Jeez Renourka

    You guys weren’t playing games in this draft. Well done.

    Byron hit it on the head. Big Ben likely to be cheaper now and last we saw him healthy was a top 5 fantasy QB. Once we see him healthy everyone is going to push him up thee board.

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