Byron Lambert Live from Ravens and Jaguars Joint Practices (Day 2)


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    Good morning RW Nation,

    Keeper question:
    Carson Wentz in the 10th, Christian Kirk in the 11th, or neither? (can keep both the next 2 seasons)
    Already have Thielen in the 7th(last season eligible).


    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      ..unless its a 2 qb league
      then its wentz by a country mile

  2. Post By The Flex Network

    Wentz is going in about the 7th so a 10th round value is pretty good. Gives you room to go after those round 7 guys like a Penny, Guice, Coutee. Assuming keeping wentz doesn’t prohibit a skill position stud, then I would keep him.
    Love Kirk this year so he is a hard yes!
    -Flex Shane

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      Preciate it!

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