Byron Lambert’s Week 10 TRADECAST

Byron Lambert returns with the epic RosterWatch TRADECAST for Week 10 in fantasy football. He’ll help you — through classic game theory and a deep understanding of fantasy market values — to identify which players you should be targeting in trades, as well as which players you should be selling.

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  1. Okay im in a real bind.. my rbs are Bell, Michel and lindsay, both on bye. My wrs are juju, cooper, kirk, crowder, tyrell, Sammy, and punk ass aj green. Would you move cooper for Josh jacobs straight up?? Deadline is the 9th so i have to make a move. He proposed this trade last week but i denied it but now that my rbs are shaky I’m wondering if i should give in. Thanks so much.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Probably so— but would rather send Tyrell (maybe JuJu) + Michel (maybe Lindsay) for Jacobs

  2. Sorry for reposting this but seeing the new threads.
    10 team, standard scoring league and all WRs on bye except one so dropped my kicker to pick up Curtis Samuel. No one interested in a trade this week but I’m still trying but will most likely need to drop someone. Thinking it’s between K Hunt, Latavius M or Hyde (rough ROS). I don’t own Kamara but would like to see him play a game before dropping Murray.

    I did just pick up G Everett on waivers (have Andrews but concerned about him for ROS w/ heavy run emphasis) for my run at post season (7-2 record).

    Best drop candidate? And, I might need to drop C Samuel due to his hamstring issue and looking at D Parker/Landry/Pascal so opinions welcome on best WR for this week and ROS potential. Thanks in advance.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Nice work dropping your kicker!!!

      Can’t drop Hyde. Can you not trade Murray or Hunt in a 2:1 to the Kamara or Chubb owner?

      If you can’t and want to wait on Latavius that is understandable– I think in that situation in a 10 tm league Hunt is fine to drop

  3. I have to drop one player as derrius guise is back from IR. Who should it be or should I just drop guise?
    Terry mclauren
    Aj green and boyd
    Tj Hockenson
    Chris Herndon
    My current rbs are
    Josh jacobs
    David Johnson
    Leonard fournette

    1. Nick foles as a backup qb to l
      Kyler Murray

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob drop Herndon

  4. Post By

    Having a hard decision….for my flex..ppr… play Ekeler, David Johnson or Crowder?
    Esp..since Ekeler plays tonight!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob Ekeler

  5. I might have a chance to make a trade (finally) with a 4-5 team (I’m 7-2), He has D Cook and I want to offer 2-3 RBs for him. This is only my 2nd trade ever in a league that hasn’t traded before this year. My team in standard scoring:

    QB: LJackson/Brees
    RB: Fournette/AJones/TColeman/DMontgomery/CHyde/LatMurray/Hunt
    WR: Hopkins/DAdam/Chark/CSamuel
    TE: Andrews/GEverett
    We play QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1Flex(RB/WR/TE)

    Should I start with offer of Coleman/Montgomery/Hyde? Or, AJones & Coleman or Montgomery? I think Hyde has a tough ROS and don’t see playing him and concerned that Jones production will drop some with Adams return. Thoughts?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      You have the right idea! If you pull a deal of like this you will be ready for the playoff run!!

      I would begin with:

      1. Montgomery / Coleman + Hyde

      2. If that doesn’t work move to AJones + Hyde or Coleman + Montgomery or one of your QBs + Hyde / Montgomery / Coleman

      3. Ultimately, if you have to can do Jones + Coleman / Montgomery — but that’s pretty damn rich– I’d rather aim for a Barkley type a little up the food chain from Dalvin if at all possible if you have to go that far. Hopefully, you can settle for something in the Option 1-2 range

      1. Thanks Byron. I’ve submitted two trade offers in hopes one or even both are accepted. I can sweeten the pot a bit on either.

        1. Trade out my Coleman + Hyde for his Zeke; his team also has DCook so I’d take either and would up it to Coleman + Montgomery (and even add in Hyde, if need be).

        2. Trade out my AJones + KHunt for his Barkley and willing replace Hunt with LMurray if necessary. Tried to trade with this team 2 weeks ago and think they only check their line up just before Sunday so unlikely this will happen.

        Really enjoying your trade podcasts!

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          Thanks Freebird— I might up the ante on that Barkley deal a bit if he asks for more

          1. Post By freebird

            Sure will, thanks. I’ll look at C Samuel or perhaps even Tevin or Montgomery.

  6. Rosterwatch Nation is the best!!

    I have one roster spot open and need your opinion on how you would rank the following players as a pure upside RB stash ROS:

    K Ballage, T Pollard, Duke Johnson, R Penney, W Gallman, R Burkhead, R Armstead, G Edwards.

    Thanks for all your help.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Think it prob has to be Ballage at #1

      Pollard or Penny would be the next two guys

      then- Armstead and Edwards is third tier

  7. I would be trading Chris Carson & Evan Engram for Ekeler, Hunter Henry and Goff. Currently have Brissett and Garapalo. Hurting with Engram out. Is this a good trade for me? Thanks

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Not in love with getting the QB in return- -but if all those guys are starters for your squad, and help you win this week- then it’s fine. Ekeler and Henry have two good matchups ahead of them.

  8. TBags 5-4 but most pts in league by 100, PPR, I am about to treat my ears to a listen but wanted to see if giving up K. Allen and M. Jones for S. Diggs is too much? I also have Godwin, Sutton, J. Brown, and Hollywood.

    1. I used my new roster spot for AB for a long healthy playoff run. Should I look elsewhere? Thx!

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Just depends on your situation- if you need a guy and somebody you really like is out there – go for it. If you want to keep him that’s fine too. I’d say keep him unless you need somebody

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes- that is way too much. Diggs is not a target.

  9. I have a league with no playoffs. It’s all based on a 16-game schedule. Standings rule and points are the tiebreaker. I’m 8-1, but two 7-2 teams behind me, who I play the next two weeks. Roster:

    QB: Watson (BYE), Kyler
    RB: Saquon, Hyde (BYE), Mattison, Henderson, Guice
    WR: Godwin, Lockett, Tate, McLaurin
    TE: Henry

    Should I trade Tate/Hyde for RoJo/Crowder? I thought about McLaurin instead but Tate/Crowder are similar players, Tate has upside… but Haskins is trash. RoJo solves a RB problem for this. Help!

    1. Also – why can’t I figure out how to post a profile picture so I’m not just a ghost?

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Here are the instructions:

        Attention: PLEASE UPLOAD an AVATAR. We will start prioritizing answering questions by those who have avatars. This takes 30 seconds.

        Go to- create an account, that has same email address as your RW PRO account- and then upload an avatar. It’s very easy and super quick.

        That’s it, it will all work automatically on this site from there. A few people have had to log out and log back in to RW Pro to see their avatars the first time. Thank you!

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      I think that’s fine if you need to

      However, optimal move is —–McLaurin + Hyde for one nice RB in return (prob a middling RB1 to a really good RB2 is the range).

      Or, you could try taking Mattison and Hyde, or Mattison + McLaurin, or Mattison + Mclaurin + Hyde to the Dalvin owner- and see if you can peel a good player off of him

      1. Thanks, Byron! Trust me, I have tried ALL of those things multiple times, including Henderson to the Gurley owner. This is a hyper-competitive league. Everyone is trying to work consolidation trades and hates getting them in reverse. It’s driving me crazy because I’m trying hard to pound the 2-for-1s, 3-for-1s, 3-for-2s

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          Ok, good work!

    3. Post By Byron Lambert

      I think that’s fine if you need to

      However, optimal move is —–McLaurin + Hyde for one nice RB in return (prob a middling RB1 to a really good RB2 is the range).

      Or, you could try taking Mattison and Hyde, or Mattison + McLaurin, or Mattison + Mclaurin + Hyde to the Dalvin owner- and see if you can peel a good player off of him

  10. Post By Byron Lambert

    Sorry the duplicate replies above- are for JBoSox

  11. Post By

    Det D vs Chi or Pitt D vs Rams?

    1. I had the same decision and went PIT

  12. Post By Wishfulthinking

    Alright guys struggle with this decision every week thanks to your guys draft setup. PPR need 2 RB 2 WR and flex out of these guys. Dalvin cook, Chubb, Jacobs, Coleman. Locket, Cooper, Adams, thanks!

    1. Cook, Chubb, Jacobs, Adams.

  13. .5 PPR

    Crowder or Christian Kirk ROS?

  14. Post By

    DJ or Ekeler? ppr

    1. feel a small bit safer with Ekeler.

  15. Post By John Hunsberger

    Hard decision for my flex trash man has singletary slightly ahead.. him or mike williams .5 ppr

    1. I hate that decision, something tells me Williams could have a big game tonight, but the brain says stick with Singletary.

  16. Thoughts on sending T Coleman, Hollywood Brown/Robby Anderson and A Hooper for Kamara and Ertz? Could also send Sanu as the WR but he has Edelman. Or i could drop the TEs and make it a 2for1

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Love it as long as doesn’t leave you thin at WR

  17. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    I’m a Chubb and Mattison Owner. I’ve been targeting Dalvin Cook for at least two weeks now, and I feel more comfortable with Cook’s floor than I do Chubb’s.

    The Cook is owner is a Hunt owner.

    Is sending Chubb + DJ Moore to get Dalvin Cook slightly too rich for the slight bump in RB floor? I don’t see him taking it, but I’d be eating Cook’s bye in two weeks.


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Sure, I would do that in a heartbeat to get Dalvin as long as giving up Moore doesn’t leave you too thin at WR

      1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

        Morning, Byron. And thanks. We’ll see if we can get this bread.

  18. Would you trade Chubb and Singletary for Saquon? Have CMC and Jacobs as well. Allen, Lockett, Godwin, boyd, hollywood at WR

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  19. Post By

    I’m 7-2 and have been offered Connor and I’d be sending freeman. Hurts my starting lineup a little this week but i think come playoff time I’d rather run out Connor then freeman. Thoughts about this deal ?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Tend to agree – can you get Samuels as insurance?

      1. Post By

        Not this week but after this week I am going to go after Samuels, I accepted the deal.

  20. Is this starting lineup cartoonish enough for a 10 man league?
    Steelers D

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Pretty nice! Maybe you could take Coleman and JuJu and do one more deal. Could also keep an eye on QB/TE prob mostly on waivers

  21. Boom! Got my whale.

    QB: Kyler, Stafford
    RB: Saquon, Montgomery, Fournette, Armstead, Henderson
    WR: Evans, Lockett, Tyrell, Boyd, Sanu
    TE: Everett

    Just traded Montgomery, Sanu and Boyd for Kamara and Latavius. Consolidation at its finest!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Fuck to the yes!!!

      1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

        so Jealous !
        I had to give up Diggs, LF and corey davis in dynasty for AK

        but now my rb corps are Saquon and Kamara for years to come !

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Nice, that’s badass.

  22. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    I played Rivers in full slate DFS ( Oak was a tantalizing matchup)
    How do I overcome 12 points from a qb in dfs ?
    In Cash – stay the course with guaranteed points guys ? Take a pivot off of a high ownership guy that may bust ( who do you think that is this week ? is the highest owned guy gonna be Samuels again ?)

  23. Team name is old school 6-3 but first in points by a decent margin.

    10 team .5 ppr.

    Qb- K Murray
    Rb- zeke, Fournette, Ingram, Howard, J Williams, and mattison
    Wr- Evans, Kupp, Golladay, Ridley and Kirk
    Te- Kelce

    Every week I pretty much am deciding between mark Ingram and Kenny Golladay at the flex. Should I package the two to try to get like a Saquon or is that enough? Too much? Our trade deadline is tomorrow so I am trying to get something going as soon as I can

    Thanks in advance

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Awesome team, and YES YES YES you should!!!

  24. Are you still holding Brandin Cooks? With Goff looking so bad, lots of mouths to feed and the injury concerns (despite him saying he can’t wait to get back on the field this year) not sure what to do. Especially with coaching staff sounding very non-committal about his return

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Just depends on who I can pick up and what my W-L record and roster look like

  25. If I cant get Barkley for Chubb and Engram, would you trade Chubb for Fournette straight up? Rest of roster….CMC, AP, M Sanders, Gore, Penny, K Allen, Evans, Edelman, JuJu, Kirk, H Henry. I’m 5-4, in 5th place, with the most points scored. I’m only 1 game out of first, there is a 4 way tie for the top spot.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes on Barkley

      Prob yes on NC for LF but we hate those deals and would not do at expense of winning this wk

      1. Yeah I am in must win every week territory. That’s the only thing holding me back from going after Barkley. I wouldnt offer the trade for Fournette until after lock Sunday. Thanks for the confirmation, Byron

  26. 1/2 PPR 2 flex league(12 teams). Sitting at 5-4, in 5th, with most points scored.

    Just traded OBJ & Chubb for Dalvin leaving me thin at WR. Was thinking of either trading Henry or Montgomery for a WR or packing those two for one of the top RBs.
    RBs: Dalvin(Mattison), Derrick Henry, David Montgomery, James Conner(jaylen Samuels), Rashaad Penny
    WRs: Cooper Kupp, Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Williams
    TE: Kittle

    Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Pretty rich trade- I imagine your mindset is trying to win this wk, and OBJ had bad matchup and you don’t want two Browns, and wasn’t sure what to make of Hunt

      I think you can get by w/ your current WR , if it means targeting Zeke, CMC, or Barkley with your assets

      But a close 2nd priority outside or landing one of those guys-wld be improving WR by trading an RB + Sanders for a sick WR1

      1. Thanks Byron. Big fan of the Tradecast.

        I agree rich trade. My mindset was that exactly – I figured I would go down swinging with Cook since I had Mattison and not risk Chubb dropping off at all.

        You think Henry and Monty could get Barkley? I have tried for CMC and the guy says he is untouchable. Playing Zeke owner(2nd highest scoring team and above me in standing).

        If not Barkley, should I look at Henry and Sanders for Cooper(are you worried about injuries or schedule?)

        Appreciate the insight!

  27. Post By SullyFromHouston9-0InRWListnerLeague

    Qb: Lamar

    RB : Chubb, bell, sanders guice, Henderson

    Wr: Hill, Goodwin, Hilton, Hollywood brown, Josh Gordon, cole Beasley

    TE: Hopper, Dallas G, Gesicki

    I’ve been offered cooper Kupp, Jaylen Samuels, and James white or Philly Lindsey

    Ppr: 14 team, 6-3, 3rd in points


    1. I don’t think you need to do this. Losing Hooper is too steep imo

  28. Post By SullyFromHouston9-0InRWListnerLeague

    For bell, hopper and Beasley

  29. i still have aj green on my bench. is he still worth holding?

    currenty pascal is on waivers. pick him up and drop green?

    1. I would try to trade him first, but if you’re losing games i could do it

  30. Post By

    Sitting second in my league and making a run for the championship.
    Am I crazy to go all in and trade a-rob and my 2nd round pick for d adams and a 15th?

    Wrs including arob are thielen, Edelman, Lockett, Chester Rodgers, Reynolds and renfrow.

    Rbs are Kamara, michel, murray, pollard and Coleman.

    Rolling with Lamar and Andrews to top my team off.

    Thanks everyone!!

    1. If you want to seize the moment. No guarantee your second will turn out better than his 15th the way fantasy is going these days

  31. .5ppr 12 team. WRs M Thomas, Woods, Lockett, Sutton, J Gordon. RBs Henry, Gurley, Hunt. Trying to upgrade at RB. U think Gurley, Hunt is enough for Saquon or add Sutton or Gordon. What do think is a good package. Opponent has Watkins, Thielen, Kupp and Drake, R Freeman plus Saquon

    1. You would def need to add sutton. He might take Lockett and Gurley straight up

  32. I was just offered CMC (!!!) for OBJ, Carson, Christian Kirk, and Josh Allen. PPR Superflex League:
    My starting lineup would be:
    QB: Wilson
    WR (3): Evans, Cooper, A Rob
    RB (2): CMC, Mack / Ingram
    TE: Ertz
    Flex: See bench below
    Superflex: Jimmy G.
    Bench: E. Sanders, Breida, R. Jones, D. Henrderson, J. Brown

    Would you do the deal?

  33. Trade offer my Adams and Ty Johnson for for his Wilson and OBJ.
    My team
    M Williams
    J Gordon

    1. Seems like you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul

  34. I was offered Damien Williams for Mark Andrews. Thoughts?

    1. Hard without seeing your team, but probably if you need rb help

  35. I was just offered my Bell for Travis Kelce?

  36. If you don’t lose strength in your starting roster

    1. With the trades mentioned earlier my line up would like this. I’m currently at 4 and 5.
      Cousins gonna drop him after the trade
      J Gordon
      M Williams

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