PRO Championship Round DraftKings DFS Reference Tool: RB, WR, TE

alex bylineHere’s a tool you can use in your preliminary Championship-Round DFS research for the four-game slate. Please note that the DFS Cheat Sheets and products will be up as usual, this week for the Saturday-Sunday slate as well as the Vegas Tool which should be up by Saturday.

This additional set of tools is designed to help in narrowing down your player pool through a few key metrics that we like to follow. The following are listed in the sheets:

DK$ = price on Draftkings for the week

match = The RosterWatch matchup grade for the position; these are listed as 1-4 as opposed to 1-32 as usual since there are only 4 teams. The color-coding corresponds with how the unit in question was among ALL 32 teams. This is so you know whether the matchup is actually a good/bad one rather than only where it ranks relative to the other matchups on the slate. For example, all the matchups for TEs are bad this week, even the “best” relative to the others. For this reason, the matchups are still color-coded with their season-long characterization. (Red = horrible, pink = bad, white = average, light blue = good, blue = great).

DKavg = the player’s average fantasy points on Draftkings this season

DKmed = the player’s median fantasy points on DraftKings this season

DK3X%(S) = the % of the time the player has 3x’ed his Championship-Round salary over the course of the 2017 season (in games in which the player recorded a statistic).

DK3X%(L5) = the % of the time the player has 3x’ed his Championship-Round salary over the course of the last five games (in games in which the player recorded a statistic).

chng = the change is salary to the Wild-Card Round price from the average price over the course of the season.

Click here to go to the RB sheet

Click here to go to the WR sheet

Click here to go to the TE sheet


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    Hey fellas, just got into an established dynasty league, and even though the team itself isn’t terrible, it will take some time to rebuild. Three rookie picks are gone for this year and only have a 2nd and 5th next and am wanting to get back into the draft this year. The most valuable players I currently have besides QB (it’s 2QB league and I’ve only got Ryan and Cousins) are Alex Collins, Alshon Jeffery, Robert Woods and Zack Ertz.
    I don’t think I’ll have enough juice to get into the first round (or not want to pay the price) so am thinking about trying to get a couple mid rounders to at least get started with ‘my team’.
    Which of the players listed would you be best getting rid of and what kinda return do you think he’s worth?
    12 team 2QB ppr, 4pt all TD, 1 point per 5 rush attempts (wtf)
    Thanks in advance, look forward to your rookie draft sheets

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      Have zero rookie picks this year*

    2. I hope you didn’t have to pay full price for a team that has no rookie picks this year. I wouldn’t get rid of any of those core players, that’s a solid core.

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        It’s a friend of a friend league, fees are only to pay for the site with a traveling trophy. Thanks for the input.

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    FYI, Jay Ajayi isn’t on your RB sheet Championship round

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