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Cody’s Top 10 Thoughts Heading Into Week 4

Cody Carpentier finished re-watching every single NFL game from Week 3 and he brings RosterWatch Nation his Top 10 Thoughts heading into Week 4!


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    Make this trade?

    I’d be trading LaPorta and Javonte Williams

    Receiving D.Swift

    .5 pts ppr league

    Make the deal?

    1. don’t think I do that deal. Want more than Swift.

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    I have Fields and Richardson at QB and need to start winning ( 0-3). Tua owner wants Olave Pacheco and dell for Tua and Thomas. It seems like too much but I do need to win and fields seems lost. I think Olave and Pacheco are enough as he has mahomes and tua will sit each week. I mike give him Olave and Pacheco and Fields for Mahomes. Thoughts?

  3. Repost — would love some thoughts

    Need to start consolidating in a 10-team, .5 ppr keeper.

    Should I prioritize Henry or Ekeler as a trade target? I have plenty of chips to offer:

    – Nacua
    – Tank Dell
    – J Ford
    – Waddle (keeper)
    – Gibbs
    – Sanders

    I’m assuming Dell is stronger ROS, so I’d prefer to keep him over Puka. I’ve also got Kamara in the bag, so I can afford to let go of Ford, Gibbs and/or Sanders.

    At WR, I’ve got Lamb and Olave, and feel comfortable dangling Waddle if I need to.

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    Drop Elijah Moore for Qu Johnson or Josh Palmer?ppr…thanks

    1. Prefer Elijah Moore in PPR – would do it in NonPPR formats

  5. Not sure I’m bailing on Moore just yet and Palmer/QJ is a tough riddle to crack regarding who is going to step up. We’ll talk about this on the pod at 1:30pm central.

  6. 12 team full point ppr. Can start 1qb,2rb,2wr,1te,2 w/r/t flexes.

    Currently sitting at 0-3 with 2 close losses. Teams at the mid level to top putting up 150 easily (keepers in the mix) and me 120’s and feeling antsy.

    Starters week 4
    FLEX-Achane (on bench last week of course)

    RB-Najee(rode this train 2 weeks too long and paid for it)
    WR-Michael Thomas
    WR-Romeo Doubs
    WR-Josh Palmer
    RB-Kendre Miller
    QB-Jordan Love

    Need input:
    1) Start goff or love?
    2) If love, do I start doubs over achane or monty in flex?
    3) Any other flex combo you prefer for my squad?
    4)Would you trade monty and gibbs for amon ra and kareem hunt?

    Sorry for the novel.


    1. Answered in another thread. Thanks

  7. Hi guys, I am considering offering Dak Prescott and CD Lamb for Trevor Lawrence and Calvin Ridley in my 12 team PPR
    Superflex league. Any thoughts?



    1. Don’t do it, Big T! The Texas boys will be just fine – T-Law and that offense have some figuring out to do before they can be trusted. Lamb is going to be fine

  8. I would get Ky’ree Williams and other guy gets Bryce Hall. 1ppr. Is this a good trade?

  9. Kyren Williams*

  10. Trevor Lawrence is killing me. I’m in a skinny bench league ( 5 player bench and I need to start 3 RBs, 3 WRs, a flex, and 2 TEs). So, drop Trevor for Jordan Love? Geno? Daniel Jones?

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