Courtney Upshaw Notes from Senior Bowl Week

Courtney Upshaw Notes from Senior Bowl Week,
Byron Lambert,

It almost seems he is destined for NFL success. Courtney Upshaw, OLB from the Nick Saban led National Champion Crimson Tide, is just beastly when you see him in person. This week was a little bit of a transition due to the vanilla 4-3 scheme they run during this event. He spent the week with his hand on the ground rushing the passer as a DE.

Although, playing with his hand down is great experience because teams will want to see if he can do it, we firmly believe Upshaw will have the most impact playing on the edge in a 3-4. He did not look explosive rushing the QB as a DE this week but looked stout at the point of attack. In the 3-4 his skills as an athlete, pass rusher, and run stopper can be harmonized.

Interesting snippets:

Upshaw does not like questions about his height (6’1.5″)
He compares himself to PIT LBs, Lamarr Woodley and James Harrison (pretty nice company)
Says, Cordy Glenn from Georgia, was the best OL he went up against all week (curious if that changes after he faces Buckeye Beast, Mike Adams today?)

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