Cut Bait or Wait: Players You Should or Should Not Cut After Week One

Should They Stay or Should They Go?
Dorian “The Trashman” Colbert,

Week one of the NFL season has come and gone, and you’re either basking in the glow of sweet victory or reeling from an opening week defeat. Either way, it’s time to collect yourself and prepare for the contest ahead.

A vital aspect of moving forward is making moves on your league’s waiver wire to pick up those undrafted players whose arrows are pointing way up. In order to do so, you have to trim some fat off your roster and that’s not always the easiest thing to do. After all, it’s only been one week, and much can happen from one game to the next. Still, you can’t hesitate in today’s fast paced-fantasy leagues, so I’ve made a few decisions a little easier for you.

Dustin Keller TE, Jets: Keller has usually been serviceable in fantasy leagues, but after a 1 reception for 7 yards nosedive, you have to wonder if his fantasy run is coming to a close. He was nursing a hamstring injury coming into the game, which you might be able to blame some of it on, but the stellar performances of Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley may be the real culprits. By the time Keller is healthy, he could be the fourth option for Mark Sanchez. There are more intriguing and healthier options at tight end to experiment with. Don’t bother holding on.

Greg Little WR, Browns: This one hurts. I own Little in two leagues, so his zero catch effort on four targets singes the nostrils. If not for his two tackles, it would have been a complete loss. Little is the number one receiver on an NFL team. That should be worth something. The Browns seem like a very offensively troubled NFL team right now though. You can’t just drop Little, as there’s too much potential. Instead, keep him firmly planted on your bench until Brandon Weeden figures out his receivers are the ones in the orange helmets.

Isaac Redman RB, Steelers: People talk about the Redskins backfield being convoluted, but I would contest that Pittsburgh is the murkiest running game going. “Starter” Isaac Redman was abysmal against the Broncos with 20 yards on eleven carries, though there were line injuries that didn’t help. Still, the fact that Jonathan Dwyer, Baron Batch, Chris Rainey were in the mix doesn’t help his chances of retaining value next week….Oh, and did I forget to mention Rashad Mendenhall may be back by then? Yeah, there’s that. There are better ways to fill out your roster. Cut him.

Jon Baldwin WR, Chiefs: When Dexter McCluster is playing more snaps at wideout than Baldwin, 57 to 21, that’s a bad sign. Coach Crennel claims the second year talent will have his spot eventually, but not even he knows when that will be. It’s a shame as Baldwin has big play potential, but I can’t advise you to keep him around when he’s not even on the field. Feel free to drop him for someone who can help you now.

Roy Helu/Evan Royster RB, Redskins: The backfield situation in Washington seems to have a cleared up considerably after week one. Alfred Morris gained an impressive 96 yards on, more importantly, 28 carries last Sunday. The Shanahan’s are a fickle bunch, but they would be foolish to not give Morris the chance to repeat his feat the coming week. As for Helu and Royster, there aren’t a slew of running backs on the waiver to jump on right now, but there are receivers aplenty. If you can snatch up a Stephen Hill or James Jones in exchange, don’t feel any remorse over having to lose one of these two.

David Wilson RB, Giants: Uh oh, looks like Wilson caught a nasty case of fumble-itis against the Cowboys, and that might keep him off the field for a bit. But if Tom Coughlin can cure Tiki Barber of such dreaded ailments, then I believe he can do the same for Wilson. Hold on to him. There are better days ahead.

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