Darren McFadden Goes to Taiwan

Darren McFadden Goes to Taiwan
Byron Lambert, Rosterwatch.com

Ok, DMC obviously didn’t go to Taiwan BUT YOU SHOULD if you don’t own Michael Bush. I own McFadden in both of my leagues, and while not ideal, this has been part of my plan the whole time.

Michael Bush is drafted relatively high for a back up because Oakland’s run game is so productive he is a serviceable flex. Most McFadden owners don’t want to spend the 8th or 9th round pick necessary to snag a back up they will rarely start. This is where Taiwan Jones comes in. He is a blazing fast rookie RB out of Eastern Washington that the Raiders spent a 4th round pick on, so they were obviously high on the guy. Jones primarily played during his sophomore and junior seasons when he racked up 36 TDs, 4,000 total yards, and averaged 7.7 yards/carry.

Taiwan has good size, he’s not just one of these quick scat backs. You can’t help but make the Chris Johnson comparison, although they are proportioned a bit differently. Jones is a bit more long legged, with a stockier upper body but has the same type of legitimate 4.2 speed. All of the news out of Raiders training camp this summer was very positive and there were several accounts of monster runs.

I figured Taiwan Jones would be way off of most people’s fantasy football radar so I thought all along he would be my sneaky back up option if McFadden went down. I have owned him off and on in both of my leagues this year. As soon as I saw the McFadden injury news I picked up Jones immediately. He has looked good in the limited game action we have seen him in this year.

In the absence of Darren McFadden there is no confusion it is Michael Bush’s job but as previously referenced, there is so much run production in OAK there is fantasy room for more than one RB. Jones may not get a ton of touches but he is a major threat for the big play. My suggestion is if you don’t own Bush pick up Jones immediately. You don’t want to have to play him without having seen more but if you are in a bind do not hesitate to put him in your starting lineup if Run DMC is unable to go this Sunday.

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