Defense By Waiver Wire: Target The Cincinnati Bengals

Stop-Gap Defense with Cincinnati
Byron Lambert,

Waiver wire defense is a strategy we promote at RosterWatch. There are plenty of weekly match-up plays to suffice while you cultivate long term solutions from the wire. Gems emerge annually. Fantasy teams that currently need a good play at defense should be looking squarely at the Cincinnati Bengals.

This is what the next 5 weeks look like: Cleveland, Washington, Jacksonville, Miami, Cleveland.

That is as good of a stretch as you can ask for. Brandon Weeden twice, Ryan Tannehill, and Blaine Gabbert. Washington next week doesn’t look the greatest but they do still have a rookie at QB and the Bengals play an aggressive style. The rest of the matchups are just too good to pass on, they are elite. Provide yourself some defensive relief and go grab the Bengals defense while you can. We still always recommend you keep one eye on your waiver wire along the way.

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