Dynasty League Spotlight: Jared Abbrederis, WR Wisconsin Badgers

Dynasty League Spotlight: Jared Abbrederis, WR Wisconsin Badgers
The Trashman, RosterWatch.com

Jared Abbrederis, WR Wisconsin Badgers
Jared Abbrederis Invite

Height: 6’2″
Weight: 190 pounds
40 yard dash: 4.50 (Combine)
NFL Comparison: Brian Hartline

Scouting Notes:

Abbrederis started from the bottom at Wisconsin as a walk-on and slowly but surely worked his way up to the number one receiver on the team, earning him a Burlsworth Trophy (nation’s best player to begin as a walk on) in the process. I could use all the buzz words that people tend to throw around when describing white receivers, but I’ll spare you the PC’ness. Abbrederis has sticky hands and runs clean routes to counter his less than stellar speed. He plays the position like a quarterback, but that’s literally because he was one prior to switching to receiver.  He puts himself in the most optimal position to catch the ball. Abbrederis could stand to gain a few pounds if he wants to be able to compete at the next level, but he has shown the ability to improve in whatever area has been found necessary in the past, so I think he can manage that. There is a worry though that his athletic potential has reached a plateau. 


Our Senior Bowl notes on Abbrederis popped up all over the place. Outside of Kevin Norwood and Jordan Matthews, he seemed like the WR flashed most in our notes, and only missed out on being mentioned for the 3rd Annual RosterWatch All-Senior Bowl Roster by virtue of every teammate telling us how sick Josh Huff (Oregon) was. We learned in 2012 with Janoris Jenkins to put a lot of stock into what the athletes in the Senior Bowl tell us when prospects constantly give the same positive, unsolicited opinions about them.

Here are our notes from viewing Abbrederis live at the Combine:

#1 Jared Abbrederis, Wisconsin

A drop and a body catch in the gauntlet
Drops the quick slant
Pedestrian on the 10 yard out
Breaks down well on the 17 yard dig

Fantasy Outlook:

A history of concussions could cause teams to think twice about drafting Abbrederis, but he should find a roster spot soon enough, where he will probably play the slot. With all the athleticism coming into the NFL at his position, I don’t see him making an immediate fantasy impression, and that’s why you have to take a wait and see approach with Abbrederis. Aside from his work ethic, which may not compensate for his lack of elite athleticism, he doesn’t have much that separates him from the crowd.

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