Dynasty League Spotlight: Rajion Neal (Neyland), RB Tennessee Volunteers

Dynasty League Spotlight: Rajion Neal (Neyland), RB Tennessee Volunteers
The Trashman, RosterWatch.com

Rajion Neal (Neyland), RB Tennessee Volunteers

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 211 pounds
40 yard dash: 4.53
NFL Comparison: DeMarco Murray

Scouting Notes:

 Neal is built like your prototypical running back, with thick thighs that stay moving. A quick first cut and light feet allow him to get to the outside with ease where he tends to avoid contact rather than absorb it, but this doesn’t discount his ability to run well on the inside. He keeps his pads low and has great balance between the tackles. What makes Neal a particularly useful asset is his pass-catching ability. He has soft hands and holds onto the ball, which goes a long way with NFL teams. Neal does not have much wiggle though and lacks above-average vision, which is why I compare him to a powerful but somewhat rigid and predictable runner like DeMarco Murray.

Fantasy Outlook:

From what we’ve heard about Neal’s college career, he needs to be coached well to play well. He improved vastly in 2013 with the addition of a new RBs coach (Robert Gillespee) and a switch from the man-power to the zone-blocking scheme at Tennessee, but he was fairly underwhelming prior to that change. Neal would also benefit from a scheme that plays out of the shotgun on a fairly regular basis. In the right situation, Neal can thrive and produce, which is why I’d wait and see who drafts him before I take the plunge in dynasty leagues.

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