Dynasty Rankings Updates: 1/28/23 – Tony Pollard, Geno Smith, Leonard Fournette

Dynasty Rankings Updates: 1/27/22

Tony Pollard, Cowboys
Age: 26
Movement: Falling
Previous Rank: 25
Updated Rank: 31
Pollard was well on his way to a productive playoff performance, and perhaps a win, against the 49ers last week before sustaining a heartbreaking fracture to his left fibula. He’s had surgery and should be ready by training camp, but the injury gives the Cowboys something to think about before re-signing Pollard, who would only add to the weight of a cumbersome Zeke Elliott contract that won’t expire next season. It might make more sense to hang on to Zeke, let Pollard go and find a talented rookie runner to groom as the heir apparent – Bijan Robinson perhaps. Another knock on Pollard’s stock is the possibility that he won’t attract as many suitors on the open market, due to his injury. This is all mostly speculation right now, but it’s enough to drop him down in the ranks a smidge.

Geno Smith, Seahawks
Age: 33
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: 125
Updated Rank: 120
Smith is coming off of his best season as a pro, finishing the regular season as QB5 in fantasy, before getting knocked out of the playoffs by San Fran. To say Smith is a late bloomer is an exaggeration to say the least, but it seems somewhat sustainable as Smith isn’t generally a run threat and plays pretty safe ball. The Seahawks are intent on bringing Smith back for 2023 and perhaps beyond. Heading an offense that only seems like it will improve next season, Smith’s arrow is up.

Leonard Fournette, Buccaneers
Age: 28
Movement: Falling
Previous Rank: 98
Updated Rank: 111
Playoff Lenny looked like layoff Lenny this postseason, posting just 17 yards against Dallas in the Wild Card round. With the Bucs 55 million over the cap this off-season, it would make sense for them to part with the 28 year-old Fournette, saving 3.5 million in the process. Rachaad White wasn’t necessarily convincing as a lead back, but he did enough to render Fournette somewhat expendable. With Tom Brady unlikely to return, it might behoove the Bucs to save some cash and search for another QB instead of sinking more money into Lenny.

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