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Dynasty Rankings Updates: 3/16/23 – NFL Free Agency is Taking Form

Dynasty Rankings Update: 3/16/23

Rashaad Penny
Age: 27
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: 180
Updated Rank: 100
Penny has the inside shot to start the season as the lead back for Philly. If he can stay healthy, he’s got top 15 RB potential.

David Montgomery
Age: 26
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: 70
Updated Rank: 61
Montgomery now has the goal line role on a team that just got Jamaal Williams the rushing TD title.

Darren Waller
Age: 31
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: 114
Updated Rank: 108
Waller might be the main cog in the Giants’ passing offense this season.

Michael Thomas
Age: 30
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: 161
Updated Rank: 109
In his last full season, Thomas posted 1,725 yards and 9 TDs. He’s be re-signed for a 1-year prove it contract.

Allen Lazard
Age: 28
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: 136
Updated Rank: 116
Lazard has been added to the Jets WR corps, presumably to appease the mighty and fickle Aaron Rodgers.

Jimmy Garoppolo
Age: 32
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: 180
Updated Rank: 168
The new face of the Raiders, Garoppolo will pick up where Derek Carr left off as a serviceable game manager.

Baker Mayfield
Age: 27
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: 205
Updated Rank: 139
Mayfield gets yet another lease on life as the signal caller for TB. Hopefully he can parlay what he was able to accomplish in the last few games for the Rams into a significant fantasy season.

Jonnu Smith
Age: 28
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: Unranked
Updated Rank: 250
Smith joins the ranks of the Falcons as a thorn in Kyle Pitts‘ side. There are few enough pass-catchers in Atlanta to get him on the list.

Travis Homer
Age: 24
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: unranked
Updated Rank: 246
The Bears are paying Homer like they’ll use him. My bet is still on Khalil Herbert to lead the backfield, but Homer deserves to be ranked.

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  1. Dynasty question: Would you trade 2.03 for Penny – could the Eagles take Bijan? My team is not very good. I have 1.01 (Bijan) and 1.07 picks as well.

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