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Dynasty Rankings Updates (5/14/24): Javonte Williams, Rashee Rice, Zay Jones

The Trashman returns with three rankings moves this week in the Top 250 Dynasty Rankings

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Dynasty Rankings Update: 5/15/24

Javonte Williams
Age: 24
Movement: Falling
Previous Rank: 56
Updated Rank: 64
Williams has something to prove this season, coming off a middling 774 rushing yard, 3 TD 2023 campaign – Post ACL surgery. HC Sean Payton doesn’t seem convinced Williams is his guy, as he drafted Audric Estime in April and likely has a better taste in his mouth from Jaleel McLaughlin, who was much more dynamic than Williams in 2023. When asked about the RB situation recently, he said “Who knows what we’ll get?” – Hardly a glowing endorsement for Williams. No longer the spring chicken in the locker room, Williams’ outlook needs to be evaluated without the rose colored glasses.

Rashee Rice
Age: 24
Movement: Falling
Previous Rank: 72
Updated Rank: 81
Rice can’t seem to get on the right track, tacking on an assault charge to the already numerous infractions stemming from his recent car collision. Rice was well on his way to WR 1 status for the Chiefs, before going off the rails over the last month, and now he seems destined to miss games in 2024. His continued lack of good decision making off the field has his dynasty ranking in freefall.

Zay Jones
Age: 29
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: unranked
Updated Rank: 250
You can’t keep a good 3rd WR down, as Jones shows time after time, landing on a thin Cardinals WR corps this past week. An injury plagued 2023 season didn’t do him any favors, but Jones was an 800+ yard, 5 TD WR in 2022. Does he slide into an outside WR role opposite Marvin Harrison Jr.? If so, Jones should see plenty of targets should he remain a starter, even with Michael Wilson garnering looks out of the slot. However, Wilson was not used much out of the slot last season, very similarly to Jones. There are lots of ways this could play out, but in the end, Jones should at least be on the periphery of dynasty relevance in case the situation shakes out favorably in a WR room with little competition among depth.

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