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Dynasty Rankings Updates (6/20/22): Pierre Strong, Deshaun Watson, Jeff Smith

Dynasty Rankings Update: 6/20/22

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Pierre Strong, Patriots
Age: 23
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank RB59
Updated Rank RB57
Strong is a, well, strong candidate to start the season as the Patriots third down and pass catching back in James White‘s stead. White wasn’t able to get past on-field drills at minicamp and is said to be a candidate for the reserve/PUP list. It’s possible he might go to short term IR, which would take him out of the mix for only four games instead of the PUP six, but either way, Strong’s arrow is pointing up. The best blocking back and pass-catcher of the two RBs the Pats drafted, Strong was taken with the intention of usurping the 30 year-old White but not quite this soon.

Deshaun Watson, Browns
Age: 27
Movement: Falling
Previous Rank QB7
Updated Rank QB15
It’s looking more and more like a suspension, a season-long one at that, is looming over Watson’s head. The NFL is planning to argue that Watson’s well publicized indiscretions violate the league’s personal conduct policy, and that’s becoming more difficult to dispute by the day, with 24 suits against him pending and a couple more on the way. The league wants all of the disciplinary action and the subsequent appeals done by training camp, July 27th for the Browns, so it shouldn’t be long before we have a verdict. Watson’s drop in our rankings is precipitous, but it’s not as bad as it might be if these weren’t dynasty rankings .

Jeff Smith, Jets
Age: 25
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank unranked
Updated Rank WR120
Smith has been working in with the first team during minicamp, and he’s making the most of it, capitalizing on the balls that are thrown his way. He’s been considered the “star of minicamp” thus far, and that says something when Corey Davis, Elijah Moore and Garrett Wilson are in the receiving corps with him. It’s unlikely that Smith maintains his role with the first team, but there’s a sliver of hope, as Wilson has never played an NFL down and might not be ready to make his move yet. In any case, I’m putting Smith on the radar.

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