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Dynasty Rankings Updates (7/28/21): Michael Thomas, Darrell Henderson, Robert Tonyan

Dynasty Rankings Update: 7-28-21
by Alan Seslowsky – Twitter: @Alanseslowsky


  1. When are you going to post the Traditional Cheat Sheet?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Likely on Sunday or Monday- it’s usually up right around the first of the month before I head to training camps for you guys 🙂

      1. Thanks Byron, I will look for it again on Monday!

  2. Post By Alan Seslowsky

    Training camp tour! lets goo

  3. Post By Daddy Caddy

    I’m needing some help here! I’m in a 10 team dynasty superflex league.
    Qb- TB12, Dak, Baker, Taysom
    RB- Zeke, edmonds, Damien Harris, singletary
    Wr- Tyreek, Ridley, Dionte J, Godwin, crowder

    My dilemma is that I’m drafting f in the rookie draft at 6. The first five picks are more than likely going to be QB’s and RBs. Best player available will probably be Pitts (te in our league is just another WR) and Jamar Chase. I’m not needing WR depth…should I stretch for an RB like Michael Carter? Sermon?

    I always follow the cheat sheet but I feel I’m going to be selecting another WR. I have tried to trade up or make trades but have not had any luck.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I would stay put and take Chase or Pitts- don’t over think it. Massage your RB options in other ways. You said you have tried moving up- why don’t you try to move back? Surely, somebody wants Chase or Pitts in that league. Other option, make a trade in RD2 to move up to late RD1 or higher in RD2 to get a RB you want. Or, just work the RB wire all year! Or, see if you can package Edmonds + Harris for a better RB while their names are hot preseason. Could always trade Zeke for a couple of buy low guys you really like. Or, you could always deal Taysom or Baker while their names are hot- if you think you can scoop another QB somehow.

  4. Post By


    Quick question:

    Keeper League, CeeDee in the 5th or T Higgins in the 15th?

    Enjoy the Training Camp Tour!!

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      The value gap is extreme here. That said I may still go for Ceedee. But the value police would not agree

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