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Exclusive NFL Training Camp Tour: Chicago Bears – Day 2

The Trashman reports live from Chicago Bears training camp, Day 2.


  1. Keeper advice request! $200 team budget, PPR, and superflex but QB scoring is a bit punitively nuanced (100 yds/pt, -3 pts for INTs, and -1 pt for sacks. Can you help me pick 2?

    Rashod Bateman: $10
    Brandin Cooks: $11
    JK Dobbins: $11
    Michael Thomas: $13
    Trey Lance: $15
    Rhamondre Stevenson: $10
    Nick Chubb: $38

    Leaning towards some of the 1st 4 listed, but curious what you think.

    1. Bateman, Cooks, Dobbins for me.

      1. Thanks Alex! In that order?

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