Fantasy WRs on New Teams for 2020: Breshad Perriman, Robby Anderson, Tajae Sharpe

Fantasy WRs On New Teams for 2020
by Alan Seslowsky

Episode #229 of the RosterWatch fantasy football podcast explores some interesting wide receivers that have signed with new teams. On the show, Alex Dunlap and The Trashman have a spirited debate about these players.



Tajae Sharpe– Minnesota Vikings

The Trashman, who has made a living in fantasy football finding value in players that have been discarded into the fantasy dumpster, started the conversation with Tajae Sharpe. Sharpe signed a one year $1 million deal with Minnesota. Alex pointed out how absurd the opinion parts of the announcement blurbs are. Alex’s example was Adam Schefter’s tweet saying Tajae Sharpe should be the number two opposite Adam Thielen. “This is just disgusting,” Alex said. ” The Trashman replied, “I don’t think so, he was solid for stints in Tennessee.”

Here at RosterWatch, we had the same reaction you likely had when you heard The Trashman making the case for a player like Tajae Sharpe. We also know better than to dismiss the guru of the “garbage grab.” Trashman prefers the current number two WR in Minnesota over last year’s mid-round popular pick Dede Westbrook. He did add the caveat, if Minnesota adds a WR of note, he may back off this stance.

Breshad Perriman– New York Jets

Breshad Perriman inked a one year, $6 million deal with the Jets. He was the reason many fantasy teams went deep into the playoffs in 2019. Over the last five weeks of the season, he averaged over 20 fantasy points per game in PPR leagues. Alex recalled, “Breshad Perriman chalk in DFS was a risky play that paid off huge.” It’s easy to forget Perriman ran a blazing 4.28 at his pro day. Alex continued to make the case for Perriman; “At the start of the season he will only be 26.” Perriman is a player RosterWatch is going to be very interested in at his current ADP of approximately 152 (mid 12th round.)

Robby Anderson– Carolina Panthers

The fireworks between Alex and Trashman started right away on podcast episode #229 when they discussed Robby Anderson.

Trashman: “I always liked Robby Anderson
Alex: “Well you’re a f**king Trashman! Doesn’t he punch cops?”

Alex was obviously joking to underline the point that Anderson has had very public legal troubles. The banter between the RosterWatch analysts is always entertaining while informative. Alex Dunlap’s reaction is in line with the early consensus of the signing. Trashman agreed by pointing out “I don’t trust Robby Anderson because I don’t trust Bridgewater to get him the football.” Anderson is also going to see heavy competition for target share from 2019 hogs like Christian McCaffery (142 ) and D.J. Moore (135). Those two players alone accounted for over 40% of the Panther’s total targets. Trashman said he likes rookies Jerry Jeudy and Ceedee Lamb better for fantasy than Robby Anderson, even before they have a team.


  1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Cute whimsical uoward glance at the end Sez.
    But to be serious… i like it.
    I dont always have time to listen to the full pod esp in off season.

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Thanks for taking a listen and supporting the cause. That is the idea behind these short vids. Give you the 2-minute right to the point, the cliff notes if you will, of what RW is talking about.

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Here is a serious question for yall mosuckaz

    In BB this yr people are hammering rb early (sez)
    By the 5th or 6th round there are no rbs left at all.

    I refuse to take rbs like coleman, cohen, royce, and the like
    So iam comin in a lil early on top 10 rookie rbs like CEH Akers moss and vaughn.
    My team usually has 2 established rbs, and 2 or 3 rookies with a few handcuffs sprinkled in.
    So my question is how many is too many rookie rbs on ur bb team?

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      @Baron: Re: Bestball RB strategy. I agree that the RB market dries up very quickly. By the end of four the last few guys you feel good about come off the board,

      The rookie RBs are going at full price. There are many schools of thought on this, but I have faded the rookies at ADP mostly, since we do not know where they will land. In bestball you need those top 5 picks to produce for you right out of the gate. I’m sure a couple of the rookie RBs will produce buy guessing which one is tough.

      For comparison last year predraft, Jacobs and Sanders were round 5 and 8 players respectively.

      My BB advice is to get 3 RBs in the first four rounds. If the value on other players is too good to pass and you end up with only 2 RBs in first 4-5 rounds Guys I like in rounds 7-10 are

      Sony Michel (round 8/9) Still the starter
      Darrell Henderson (round 7/8)
      Jordon Howard (Round 10)

      Nothing sexy about those guys, but they are projectable for a role Perfect RB4s, might have to be your RB3s on some teams

  3. I agree with vonironcock. This is an excellent review of the pod. Nicely done Al!

  4. Post By Alan Seslowsky

    Thanks Eyak29. Def appreciate the shout out! Many more to come

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