GARBAGE GRAB (Video): Trashman’s Top 5 Fantasy RBs for 2019

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  1. Post By Devil U Know

    Love love love the content here on the Nation! Never gonna stop! \m/

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Thank you Devil!

  2. Post By Show Me Your TDs

    Loving all the content being pumped out! Quick question for 16 team .5ppr keeper league. I can only keep two and I’m trying to choose between these three:
    Julio Jones
    Dalvin Cook
    James Connor

    Will be trying to trade the 3rd for a draft pick. Thanks guys

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      This could depend on the compensation required to keep each, but assuming it’s all the same- I’d keep Dalvin for sure, and toss up b/t the other two. If you take Connor you have to strongly consider Samuels late, if you. miss him you can still get Snell free but wouldn’t want to mess around.

      If you have any doubt about Connor’s role- I’d play it safe and take Cook + Jones. Obv, Connor could be a league winner if he hits.

  3. Post By

    two PPR dynasty either or…

    kerryon or aaron jones

    robert woods or corey davis.

    Thanks RW Nation.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Kerryon + Woods !

  4. Post By NeltronIVXX

    How are we drafting dynasty startup? No rookies.

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