Josh Gordon: Worth the Hype?

Flash Gordon?
Dorian “The Trashman” Colbert,

It’s been a slow month in the NFL. If not for the nail biting contract disputes and numerous arrests, there wouldn’t be much at all to talk about. Perhaps that’s why I’m suspicious of the current hype surrounding Baylor wideout Josh Gordon.

The former Robert Griffin III  teammate is getting a lot of attention recently, and while I can’t say it is entirely undue, I’m not sure exactly what all the fuss is about. Gordon has good size at 6’4” 225lbs, but his recent pro day has left some doubts about his athleticism. He ran a 4.52 40 on the run before he injured his quad, which is respectable for a player his size, even one who was “expected” to run somewhere in the 4.4s. His vertical leap of 36 inches is just average, while he managed a supremely sorry 13 bench reps. The much smaller, less physically imposing Marvin Jones did 22 reps at the NFL Combine.

Maybe he’s just getting the rust off, but this showing could leave many teams lukewarm on picking him up. There are a few teams who will give him a look regardless (namely the Dolphins, Cowboys, Bills, Colts, and perhaps Browns or Panthers), but whether he makes an impact is questionable. He hasn’t played since 2010, when he averaged  17 yards per catch on 43 total receptions at Baylor. Gordon is projected to be “bidded for” by interested teams with picks as high the 3rd round, with rumors going around that someone may give up a second.

In the NFL supplemental draft, there is a silent bidding process. Teams put in their bids on players with a round number and their slotting in that round is used as the tie breaker if more than one team bids the same round. The team that is awarded the player’s services then forfeits the corresponding pick in that round of next year’s NFL Draft.

Robert Griffin swears by him. So much so, that he is actually lobbying the Redskins to draft Gordon, a move that doesn’t make too much sense now that they are loaded with receivers. Though, when did owner Daniel Snyder start making moves that made sense? I wish the young man all the success in the world, I just can’t begin to endorse Josh Gordon as anything more than a dynasty league flyer until we see where he ends up today, and begin hearing reports from camp. He’ll be getting a late start on the playbook having already missed rookie mini camp.

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