Larry Fitzgerald and Desean Jackson

Larry Fitzgerald and Desean Jackson
Byron Lambert,

They did almost end up with identical stats last year but it sure didn’t feel like it. Trading Larry Fitzgerald for Desean Jackson mid season was instrumental in my title run last year. The difference? Desean put up the same stats in two less games and was just more explosive on my roster. This year there will be no such trades. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Desean but I do feel he is being slightly overvalued as a #1 fantasy WR. On a well built roster Jackson is a high end #2.

I am expecting big things from Larry Fitzgerald in 2011 or at least a return to normalcy; which for Fitzgerald usually includes pretty big things. In fact, with Kevin Kolb providing stability at QB, I feel Fitz is being undervalued in drafts as the 5th or 6th wr chosen. I peg him top 3 in wr points when its all said and done with upside for being the the #1 fantasy wr. My advice nab him in the 3rd rd of your draft and call it a steal. (Update: 9/3 – After a strong preseason Fitzgerald is now looking like a mid 2nd round pick in most 12 team drafts. Still a solid pick!)

The reasoning? Look at the statistics! Removing last year’s disaster (ie: John Skelton and Max Hall…who are those guys? really?) look at Fitzgerald’s first 6 yr. and consider those were all with Boldin on the other side. He averaged 10 TDs/yr and had 1400+ yards in 3/6 of them. Granted Kolb may not be Kurt Warner incarnate but he still brings serious legitimacy to the position. Losing Boldin and Breaston in back to back years HELPS Fitz he is one of the few WR that can take advantage of the extra targets instead of shrinking under the increased coverage. This guy is a TD machine and in any given year could be poised for 1500 yd. and 15 TDs and I would really hate to miss out on that year. Plus he just got paid huge, is a consummate pro, and is just entering his prime.

For Desean Jackson 2010 seemed like a monster season but when you look at the facts he is an 1100-1200 yd 8 td guy maybe upside for 10. That is worst case for Fitzgerald. The difference is simple Desean is not the target monster or redzone threat that Larry is.

As much as I covet Jackson I just don’t see him being on any of my teams this year based on where he is being drafted. I would rather go with Bowe, Dez, Lloyd, or Marshall a round or two later. One thing I can say with certainty though is when its my choice in the 3rd round of my 2011 fantasy football draft I will definitely be choosing #11 over #10.

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