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Get your last-minute sit/start questions that we can’t get around to answering on the SiriusXM show this morning answered here on the live Flex Network and RosterWatch YouTube Start/Sit Show from 11am-noon eastern. Byron Lambert will join the show. Ask your questions in the YouTube chat or in the comments section below.

We are extremely busy with the radio show and other obligations leading up to the lineup lock on Sunday mornings, and this stream is our best way to answer your last-minute questions as we won’t have as much time to answer in the comments sections on Sundays as we do throughout the week.

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    Didn’t hear, who to start stand league flex:

    Lazard or Edmonds

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      I just replied in the other post, but if Alison plays, go Edmonds. Obv if DJ out you go Edmonds but that not likely. If DJ plays and Alison out, go Lazard.
      Flex Shane

  2. PPR – Should I offer up K. Allen(LAC STINK?) and Keryone for Lev Bell? Have Henry and McCaffrey at RB AND Godwin, Sutton, Hollywood, M. Jones, J. Brown, and AB as a stash? Currently 2-4 with most points scored in league.

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      Bell hasn’t done enough this season to give up two strong pieces. If you’re 2-4 and first in points, the wins will come. I stand pat.
      -Flex Shane

  3. Morning guys, in a superflex dynasty league I’ve been offered Hopkins, Minshew & Kyle Allen and I give up Baker, Allen Robinson & 2020 late 1st rd rookie pick. Would you take the deal. Thanks as always.

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      Tempting but I hold Baker et al. There is speculation but nothing certain that Minshew and Kyle Allen will be the starters next year. I’m still high on Baker long term as the Browns figure out their identity.
      -Flex Shane

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    So right now I have Robert Woods in my Flex and Amari Cooper on my bench. Amaris matchup is amazing but given his injury status and a late game today do you think its better to still play Woods over Cooper just incase he doesnt suit up or is limited?

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      Our rule is play your WR against Philly. But rules are made to be broken and that LAR game is in the dome and Woods will get his. Play it smart and play Woods in that shootout.
      -Flex Shane

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    Wasted Talent 4-2

    Issues with Kamara out.

    Need 3 (2 RB & flex)
    Murray, K. Johnson, D. Montgomery, D. Freeman

    (Two bad matchups and Murray to pick from) thank you!

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      Murray, KJ and Freeman. Still just want to see it with D Mont.
      – Flex Shane

      1. Post By

        thank you sir.

      2. Post By

        Huge call on Murray, thank you!! Other two were busts outside of our control. You made my hopeful win possible.

  6. Should I drop M. Brown & pick up D. Henderson? I own Gurley. 1/2 pt ppr.

    1. It can’t hurt. Brown is inactive anyway

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    Should i start Will Fuller instead of Amari Cooper with Cooper being injured? PPR

    1. I can’t advocate for that, though fuller is probably safer

  8. Pro member 3 plus years. Chico’s Bail Bonds, 4-2. PPR flex? Breida, Golden Tate, Carlos Hyde? Much obliged gentlemen!

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    Flex help please! Mark Walton, Allen Lazard, or Golden Tate

  10. Post By

    allen robinson or lat murray…..1pt ppt

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    I have McCaffrey and Chubb both on bye! Need to start 2 of these three.

    Austin Ekeler
    Latavius Murray
    Miles Sanders

    PPR league

  12. Post By

    Robert Woods
    Michael Gallup
    Alshon Jeffery

    PPR need 1 WR and 1 flex

  13. Post By

    Need 2 RB
    M Ingram, J White, T Gurley, L Murray

    1 WR
    Alshon or John Brown

    And 1 Flex from any of the above

  14. Ingram, Gurley, jb, Murray

  15. Post By

    A. Robinson or J. Crowder

  16. Post By

    Delanie Walker or Jimmy Graham at TE today? PPR, thanks!

  17. 1 pt PPR… Flex… Joe Mixon, Cole Beasly or Dante Pettis?

  18. Post By

    1pt ppl
    A Robinson or J Crowder

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      hope you chose Allen R

  19. Chiefs run game seems to get continually worse each week. I have Damien Williams. Is he still worth holding on to, or try to trade him away? 12 man half point PPR 2RB/2WR/TE/Flex(RB/WR/TE)
    Current RBs: Alvin Kamara, Damien Williams, Adrian Peterson, Latavius Murray
    Current WRs: Amari Cooper, Tyler Lockett, Terry McLaurin, Allen Robinson, Will Fuller, Allen Lazard

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Yeah same here, tried trading juju and d will for lev.
      the guy laughed at me

      looks like you need to parlay some of that sweet wr depth into an RB


      With Patty Mahomie out for 4 weeks
      maybe KC plans a stronger run game whilst moore is under center ?

  20. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Flex network you say ?
    Well played !

  21. PPR. DO you recommend trading high on Edmunds? Have DMC, Chubb, Mack, Carson, McCoy and Sanders. Can start up to 4 RBS. Not sure if I should keep for depth or trade for receiver where I am less deep. Edmunds schedule ahead looks rough for running. Was thinking Robbie Anderson trade possibly.


  22. Post By

    Since I do not have a TE…OJ Howard or Vance McDonald ? are on waivers….

  23. Was offered Godwin for Edelman. I already own Evans. Cant do it, right?

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