PRO May 2019 Best Ball Risers and Fallers Tool

Here is a simple tool you can use for your May Best Ball research and also use for a barometer of how the fantasy football community is reacting to the NFL news which typically drives average draft position. The sheet is very simple. In the first column is the ADP from BestBall10 drafts that have occurred, post-NFL draft and rookie minicamps, during the month of May. The next column over is the overall ADP starting February 1st, when BestBall10s kicked off. The “change” column indicates how many slots the ADP has changed, and is color coded from RED (negative change, meaning the ADP has gotten lower recently) to BLUE (positive change, meaning the ADP has gotten higher recently). Feel free to use it as a supplement to the Best Ball Cheat Sheet and general research tool.

Click here to view the shared spreadsheet.


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    Any chance there will be a dynasty superflex cheat sheet soon? My draft is 6-6-19. I’ll keep my eyes open incase you have one out.

    1. One key is don’t be the first to draft a QB because if you guess to early, then you’ve missed opportunity to pick RB/WR. But once QB start to go, you want to get 2 in the next few rounds, and a third before the starters run out. So you can use the cheat sheet but know you’ll be picking QB earlier then typically called for on the sheet. The other thing to be aware of for dynasty is don’t pick to many older players. Your roster should be a balance so you can restock your roster with young players as your older players fade. Or better, trade those older players before they fall off a cliff.

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