RWi Mike Loyko’s 2017 Combine Measurement Spreadsheet

One of the best tools on the web for the quickly referencing NFL combine data year-in and year-out is Mike Loyko’s easy-to-use combine spreadsheet. You can find weigh-in and testing data from every participant at this year’s combine by simply clicking here.

Make sure to bookmark it for use through the offseason and give Mike Loyko a follow on Twitter at @NEPD_Loyko.


  1. trade offer in dynasty 1/2ppr

    I give up: Demarco Murray

    Receive: Tyreke hill and karlos williams

    Do you think Demarco is worth keeping for another year? The guy who offered this to me has D. Henry

    1. We’d rather trade for Henry, but if not – we are on board w/ shipping Murray for a Top 5 RD 1 pick or a good package of players (preferably buy-lows – please listen to previous Pods esp 1-3 for some ideas).

      We like the TyFreek but feel you are buying at a high price on him, and as much as we love Karlos Williams- who the hell knows with him. His trade value is zero and he is a worthless throw in to the owner offering him. He may be on the waiver wire before you know it. We’d make him up the current offer.

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