Video: Ted Sundquist Dips His Hand in The RosterWatch Cookie Jar

Even Ex-Broncos GM Ted Sundquist Learns From RosterWatch
Byron Lambert,

There is no question about this one. C’mon Teddy Boy, you can give us a little love, right? We’re all from Texas here. Read our Twitter Exchange below with the former Broncos GM where he argued the exact opposite, then watch this video of him just a few days later on NFLN.

Ted: The Bills can’t draft Geno Smith out of principle. They have a responsibility to Kevin Kolb.

RW: Ted, you are a dumb ass. No wonder you’ve joined us in the media.
RW: Kevin Kolb sucks and so do the Bills.

Ted: This would set a bad example for the team.

RW: Your replacement, John Elway doesn’t kiss anyone’s ass.

Ted: Who the fuck is this rogue internet site busting my beanbag?

Ted: You’re a moronic jackass that has no clue what it’s like to be a real NFL GM.

RW: Oh yeah Ted- SUCK A DUCK. You don’t coddle shit QBs.


RW: Who cares about his feelings? The Bills will never win without a franchise QB.. Kevin Kolb is rich even though he sucks.

Ted: Holy Fuck this guy’s right. Watch this…I’m going to come out of left field and try to trap him and make him feel dumb. It will also change the topic from the one in which I’ve taken such a shit-for-brains stance.

Ted: Chad Pennington or Brian Greise??? ……MMWWHHAA..HA..HA….


RW: Fuck You Ted, and nice move- Chad Pennington

Ted: Shit….he chose the right answer!

Ted: You’re right they aren’t even paying Kevin Kolb a brown paper sack full of dog shit!


Ted: Damnit, TURN ME OVER AND SLAP MY ASS….UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!









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