Oklahoma State 2018 Pro Day Footage: QB Mason Rudolph Reps to WR James Washington

We’ve added a sampling of a few reps from this year’s Oklahoma State Pro Day that featured Mason Rudolph throwing to James Washington to the RosterWatch Master Pro Day Video Archives available for viewing to all PRO members.

While it isn’t a ton of reps from Rudolph to Washington in this one, we still wanted to get it up within the master file anyway, as some of them do show off Washington’s ability to track and snatch the football while running the same clean routes versus air that we saw versus the top competition in college football at the Senior Bowl. Be on the lookout for new — and much more expanded — footage throughout this week and and into the first week of April from various pro days we will be in attendance for.

As always, feel free to peruse the archives to view pro full pro day workouts from RW favorites such as Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr., Leonard Fournette, Josh Doctson, Ezekiel Elliott/Michael Thomas, and too many more to list.

The full archive can be found in the PRO tools section available to PRO members HERE.


  1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Holy Cr@p Zay Jones meltdown !
    WTF !?>!
    I pulled a dick move and went out and sent trade offers galore to rid myself of such a reckless asset !

    – are you guys going to put out a dynasty cheat sheet
    perhaps a predraft and post draft version?

    this year I have decided to NOT renew my RSP membership, I don’t wind up reading any of the 20984 pages other than the rankings.

    – Lastly – when ranking guys, do you consider attitude, past history off the field, and the intangible traits?
    IE ) ODB – that’s at least 3 x now we see off the field issues about character issues – in a dynasty he is dropping for me.
    IEE) I lowered dal cook last year on my dynasty sheets, because of the large list of past crimes, and incidents..
    BEATING A DOG WITH A CHAIN ? Also hitting a woman !

    1. BVIC! sorry I didn’t see this

      -we don’t put out the dynasty sheet until the week after the NFL draft

      -for rankings, we do consider that stuff, but not for the trait appraisals, for those we grade i a vacuum.

      -we have a hard time not coveting OBJ in any format despite his issues – be prepared for a two-game suspension in 2018 though.

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    That’s why you guys are the GOAT !

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