Report: Peyton Manning out for the 2011 Season

Report: Peyton Manning out for the 2011 season
Alex Dunlap,

Jake Query of WNDE radio Indianapolis  reported on his show earlier this afternoon that two independent sources close to the Colts organization have said Peyton Manning has undergone a third procedure on his neck, and is out for the season.

While this news is not official, and comes from a third-party citing unnamed sources, it is very concerning report.

The Colts as an organization have not released a statement regarding this report at this time, and we will be keeping our ears open. The fact is that Bill Polian runs a tight-lipped organization in Indy, and it might be a while until we hear something official.

The cause of concern for Manning as the season approached was slow nerve recovery from the  neck procedure he underwent earlier in the Summer. As we mentioned on, the neck is not the issue. Very simply, It is the connected nerves that are being pinched by disc pressure and extend to his shoulder, upper chest and upper arm. Slowness in recovery in indicated by weakness in these areas. Nerves are tricky and they heal on their own time, so it is hard for us to believe anyone at this point would know definitively whether or not Manning will be ready to see meaningful action at some point in 2011. Colts fans and fantasy owners of Manning and/or his cohorts such as Wayne, Garcon and Dallas Clark should keep a close eye on this situation.

Now is not a time to sell low on Manning. His value is the lowest it can possibly be right now. Its like owning a luxury mansion in Phoenix. If you can afford to, you gotta hold.

An interesting side note is that Peyton’s brother Colin quit football due to risks associated with a similar spinal condition. The Manning’s are a diligent, smart family- so don’t expect them to rush into anything….be it getting back to football, or declaring yourself out for the season. Right now it is just a waiting game. Stay Tuned.

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