PRO Premium DFS Main-Slate Breakdown and Walk-Through: The BLITZ – Week 11

Exclusive to RosterWatch PRO/Premium and RotoGrinders members, join Alex Dunlap, Will Priester, and the creator of the BLITZ projection system, Derek Carty, for a Week 11 position-by-position breakdown of Sunday’s main slate: (The video usually takes a little while to process, if it is still processing when you see this, please check back shortly).


  1. 12 team PPR Superflex; (6-4)

    Lineup due to Bye weeks:

    [1] QB: J. Allen
    [2] RB: Pollard, Achane, (Kamara, Spears, Henderson, R. Johnson Dowdle)
    [2] WR: G. Wilson, P. Nacua (Pittman, Pickens)
    [1] TE: LaPorta (McBride)
    [1] W/R/T: Ty Chandler
    [1] Q/W/R/T: K. Murray
    [1] IR: Higgins, Kyren Williams
    Bench total: (8)

    Got offered ARSB for my Achane and Nacua! Should I do this deal or hold tight for my playoff run? Issues I have is that if trade away Achane and Puka this week, I’d have to start Chandler at RB 2 and then I’ll need a FLEX out of Spears, Henderson, Pickens? I do have Higgins (nervous now with no Burrow) and Kyren coming back next week but I can’t afford another loss this week ….

    Also I play this trade partner next week so I’m little hesitant to give him Achane and Puka to play against me … also I’ll have LaPorta AND ARSB?

    Am I overthinking? Do I accept, hold or should I make a lesser counter for Adams instead?

    1. If you have to win this week, you can’t do that trade.

  2. 3-7 still in hunt to make play-offs Need to win PPR Need Help!
    My Team: Play 1 QB 3 WR 2 RB 1 Flex
    CJ Stroud and KMurray
    DK Metcalf Jaylen Waddle Rashee Rice DHopkins JSmith-Njigba (Justin Jefferson)
    JoshJacobs DAchane RashadWhite RStevenson
    Sam Laporta

    1 QB: Do I play Stroud or Murray? 4 points per pass TD 6 points for run TD
    2 RB I plan to play JoshJacobs DAchane
    3 WR Waddle DK Metcalf

    If above is correct, I need 1 WR and 1 Flex in PPR from : Which 2?
    DHopkins Rashee Rice JSmith-Njigba

    1. Stroud

      D Hopkins and Rachaad White unless we get word that Lockett is not playing, in which case you’d play JSN and White

  3. 12 team full PPR
    Who would you drop to bring Achane off the IR
    Ty Chandler, Douglas or Charbonet..
    I was planning on dropping Chandler, even if Mattison doesnt play.
    I also have both the Lions and Eagles D. Im playing the Lions this week and want to hold onto the Eagles for the playoffs.. Thoughts
    Thanks RW.

    1. If Mattison doesn’t play I wanna play Chandler this week, but if he’s back, it’s fine to drop him.

      1. Would you play him over any of the following if Mattison doesnt play :Achane, Hollywood, Godwin, Breece or Waddle?
        If so, I then I would have to drop either Charbonet, Pop or the Eagles D .

  4. Already starting:
    RB: Etienne & Hall
    WR: AJB & Dell
    Flex: DJM

    PPR; Need 1 more FLEX

    N. Collins vs. ARI
    E. Moore vs. PIT
    T. Chandler @DEN

    Alex suggested Chandler earlier in the week but Mattison still hasn’t been ruled out yet and that game is Sunday night so I was debating starting Nico Collins because Noah Brown isn’t playing but that would mean I’d be starting both Dell and Collins… what should I do?

    1. I think starting both is fine. I started Dell and brown last week and dominated

  5. 2nd place in 12 team ppr league…Tyreek hill has a bad schedule down the stretch…would you trade hill for cee dee lamb and Aaron Jones?

    1. Depends on your rb situation. Generally we like to consolidate down the stretch

  6. PPR; Need 1 FLEX

    T. Chandler @DEN
    Pickens @CLE
    Henderson vs. SEA

  7. Post By

    Hey boys need a RB and a Flex. 0.5 PPR already starting Kupp.
    C Watson

    Need high floor
    Side note, I’m a big Seahawks fan, so starting all 3 Rams makes me wanna puke haha



    1. I’d go hunt and Puka

  8. Ppr need 2 Javonte Williams, Ford or Ridley?

    1. I like Ford & Javonte

  9. PPR LEAGUE(s):
    * 1 RB: Herbert or Ty Chandler?
    * 1 QB: Fields or Murray?
    * 1 FLEX: K.Herbert, SJN, or C.Watson?
    * 3 out of 5 WRs needed: G.Wilson, Puka, D.Smith, Kirk, or Tank Dell?

    1. – Herbert
      – Murray
      – JSN
      – Tank, Kirk, Smith

      Best of Luck today!

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