Quick Note on Conversation with Isaiah Pead

Quick Note on Conversation with Isaiah Pead
Alex Dunlap, Rosterwatch.com

A quick note on Isaiah Pead – Following our interviews with Isaiah, I was speaking with a Carolina Scout who told me that there were rumors floating around that Pead was timed at sub-4.4 speeds at his training facility prior to Senior Bowl attendance.

I caught up with Isaiah last night, and asked him where he was at- and if the rumors of sub 4.4 times were true. He confirmed they were. I asked if they were electronically-timed and he said they were. I then asked – “High 4.3s?” His answer.


Interesting indeed. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this at the combine as it should raise some eyebrows. I think Isaiah is one of the finest young gentlemen I’ve met in quite some time, and a straight-shooter. If he runs a low 4.3 in Indy, he should be stamping his ticket to at least a 2nd round projection.


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