Recievers on the Rebound

Recievers on the Rebound
Byron Lambert,

In my week 2 “32 players to Watch” article I mentioned three WRs that I love that had bad first weeks. I explained that if these fellas continued to falter week 2 they would become terrific buy low candidates. Well so much for those dreams of an early season swindle. Vincent Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Roddy White all rebounded like Kevin Love.

After just two catches in week 1 V-Jax came back and unleashed one of his trademark monsters going for 172 yd. on 10 receptions and 2 TDs. Jackson is set to be the stud we pegged him as in the preseason.

Larry Fitzgerald didn’t have a terrible week 1 with 62 yards but he did only have three catches on the heels of a bad season and there are still question marks at QB this year. That is why I felt he may be a buy low early in the season if he strung a couple of stinkers together. Instead, Fitzgerald caught a huge bomb for a TD late and compiled 133 yards and a TD on 7 receptions. While I did predict in the preseason that Fitz would be a top three fantasy WR; I do have concerns in spite of what I saw in game 2.  If not for the big play it would have been another unspectacular 70 yard day. Even more worrisome though is he does not look like the target monster I was expecting and Kolb doesn’t look that great. If you own Fitzgerald week 2 is encouraging. If you don’t still keep an eye on him because he very well may become a buy low candidate again later in the season.

Mr. Roddy White my guy from last year that I love, yeah he scored a TD. For people hoping to buy low this is going to kill your momentum because it is just enough to keep White owners off the ledge. Problem is he only had 23 yards rendering him useless if he doesn’t score and this is on the heels of a 60 yd week 1 with no TDs. Granted the Eagles and their trio of Pro Bowl CBs are a tough matchup I still think you saw the Julio Jones effect. So even though he has had two mediocre games it will be hard to get the right deal on Roddy. I still endorse grabbing him if the proper value presents itself but I would temper expectations because a repeat of last year is starting to look unlikely.

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