RWi RosterWatch 2013 Week 3 Matchup Tool

2013 Week 3 Fantasy Football Matchup Tool
Alex Dunlap,

This is a weekly tool provided by RosterWatch.

It is designed to be a decision-making tie-breaker for gauging the defensive opponents your fantasy players face.

The tool is easy to use when following the simple rules outlined below the chart.

matchup 3

To use the tool, think about your fantasy player.

Let’s say you own Lions QB Matt Stafford, and would like to see how he matches up against the defense he faces this week.

First look at the Lions matchup for the week, and see what the number is inside the “vs. QBs” cell for the Lions OPPONENT.

(Stafford is a QB, and you would like to know his opponent’s rank vs. that position.)

As you will see, the Lions are playing the Redskins, who have a big, blue ‘No. 1’ in their “vs. QBs” cell. This is a great indicator for Stafford owners.

Repeat the same process for other players on your roster as you are trying to decide which players to start and which to sit.

“1″ is the best matchup, “32″ is the worst.

The rankings represented here are derived via a proprietary algorithm which takes into account not only standard “fantasy points against” metrics from 2012, but also weighted averages of separate individual player scouting grades for members of the unit that will be defending, pass rushing, or covering against the position in question. For the first 3 weeks of the season, 2013 metrics are supplemented by trends to end 2012 that are quantified and reflected in the overall matchup rating. 2013 “fantasy points against” are weighted against the strength of collective run games faced and the personnel running the ball and blocking in those situations. Offseason changes and a small bit of credence are paid to scouting metrics collected from starting units in the 2013 preseason, as well through Week 3.

+Based on Standard Scoring
++RW Proprietary Algorithm


  1. so am i reading this wrong or are the seahawks marked to get stomped this week versus Jax?

  2. You’re reading it wrong.

    1. Yea, look at the opponent’s numbers inside the their boxes. This sheet would indicate the opposite.

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