RosterWatch 2018 Dynasty Rookie Cheat Sheet v1.0 NOW AVAILABLE

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RosterWatch Nation, Version 1.0 of RW’s legendary cheat sheet for dynasty rookie drafts is live and available for download to PRO members. Use the cheat sheet the same way you use the redraft cheat sheet. Follow the three simple rules, and an expert-quality draft is guaranteed. PRO Members can access the cheat sheet on their downloads page or by clicking here.

Not an RW PRO member? Why not? It’s quick and easy and costs less than a (cheap!) cup of coffee. You’ll never be a fantasy loser again – give yourself the gift of winning, check out the testimonials.



  1. Hey guys, thanks for getting the first 2 versions up so quickly. where would you have CMC ranked on the rookie cheat sheet? Looking to hopefully get away w trading the 1.05 for him but may have to step it up to giving the 1.03.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      yeah, prob have to say he’d be worth between 1.03 and 1.05, although we think he’s kind of a peewee. Has a great opportunity and is a PPR maven

  2. Post By

    Need to know would D Johnson for the Barkley be apropos? Trying to get the #1 pick I draft Sunday.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Hate those kind of 1:1 trades of similar players at same position. No clear winners. DJ is an amazing player and a proven commodity. If it’s not clear, we’d stay put as much as we love and believe in SB.

  3. Post By

    Hey I have a new card need to update it to keep the great content going. I do not see a way to update my payment ability? Please advise.

    1. Hey man, just drop our admin a line – we’re trying to make it easier to do on the site but for now she can get you set up quick and easy. Thanks again-ad

  4. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Hey boys
    I am in a pickle here

    new dyna startup 32 deep keepers all offense TE premium, and superflex

    To date I have decided to build the roster to win now ( and when indecisive chosen the younger of the 2 players I was contemplating )

    I traded back once, and up 2x to wind up with this as my starting crew thus far – ( 10 starters up to 6 rb wr or te ) no d no k


    I have a pick coming up and I am torn between getting a bonafide one year stud or getting whats left of the qbs or everything in between
    Through this I was of the mindset to get the best starting 10 that I could but I have a fair number of guys who wont get good return in a trade. adding MCCOY right now would add to that pile of untradeable.

    McCoy – ingram – ajayi – penny – freeman (r) –
    Demariyus Thomas -Tate – Fuller Njoku -OJ Howard – Rudolph – olsen
    of the qbs – J Allen – keenum – lamar jax – bortles – etc

    I pick in 2 picks then not again for around 19 picks.

    Appreciate it boys – subscriber feedback welcome

    1. I’d try to get Shady then hope Keenum or one of those QBs falls. It seems like at least a few of them have to, right?

  5. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Furthermore, I do fear when I come back in 19 picks the best qb avail will be – McCarron
    there has been a run last 15 picks 10 qbs went
    or do I live for now, and worry later ?

  6. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    I pomise you they wont fall – just ran a tally of the teams with only 1 qb ( 4 of 12 )

  7. Post By

    Good work RW! Excited to get my hands on it!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Thank you so much for your loyal support and for being a part of the RWNation! Cheers to a fantastic Rookie Draft!

  8. Post By

    8 picks in the top 15 in our rookie draft that starts today! Cheat cheat loaded up and ready to rock! Guice taking 2nd overall. Update the rest as they happen

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Love it! Keep us posted on the results so we can get filthy sick and maniacal with you!

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