RosterWatch 2019 Dynasty Rookie Draft Cheat Sheet V1.0 NOW AVAILABLE!

RosterWatch Nation, Version 1.0 of RW’s legendary cheat sheet for dynasty rookie drafts is live and available for download to PRO members. Use the cheat sheet the same way you use the redraft cheat sheet. Follow the three simple rules, and an expert-quality draft is guaranteed. PRO Members can access the cheat sheet on their downloads page or by clicking here.

As always, make sure you have the latest version before drafting.

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    Kyler Murray QB Arizona
    TJ Hockenson TE DET

    I believe this was an oversight. lol

  2. I own pick 2 in a standard dynasty draft. Montgomery or Harry? I feel like Harry has been at the top through the whole process but Montgomery has been my favorite back in this class for a few years now. Of course this assumes Jacobs goes number 1.

    1. It will kill me to see Montgomery do well on someone else’s team but I think Harry and Jacobs are in a tier of their own. Talk me out of taking Montgomery at 2.

      1. take harry if it makes you feel sick

  3. Post By Alan Seslowsky

    If I had pick two and was deciding between the 2 I would default to positional need. If you are even there, it seems like DM is the more sure bet as WRs take a minute to develop and Tom Bradys long term future is uncertain.

  4. Post By Alan Seslowsky

    Thhere was pre-draft buzz on Manny Hall then he goes undrafted. Now Bears sign him and there is slight buzz again. Where does this leave the dynasty outlook on THE most golden son #MillerTime?

    1. Hall doesn’t threaten Miller the same way he threatens a guy like Gabriel – also, you have to remember, we heard the same buzz last year for Javon Wims. People can’t help but get hyped about UDFAs but they are UDFAs for a reason. Some will hit, but we’ve learned the lesson over and over again that we have to give the initial nod to guys who were actually drafted. The Bears didn’t just draft Miller. They traded up to get him, sacrificing a 2 last year and a 2 this year. He didn’t have a functional shoulder last year and still scored 7 TDs.

  5. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Great job releasing this gents.

    Someone forgot to tell my fellow rw diehard dynasty league mates its rookie draft season, but i have my 1st rookie draft starting monday so this will prove to be helpful.

    Wow has AJ Brown stock taken a hit since going to tennesee.

    Sorry i havent been as active as my usual self in the forums, i know u missed the baron.


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    Will you be putting out a dynasty superflex cheat sheet?

  7. Are y’all going to do a combined rookie offense and IDP cheat sheet

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