RosterWatch 2021 Best Ball Cheat Sheet v1.0 NOW AVAILABLE


RosterWatch Nation, Version 1.0 of our most popular offseason premium product, the 2021 RosterWatch Best Ball Cheat Sheet is now available in the Downloads section.

The simple rules for using the sheet of paper to dominate your best-ball draft are the same three rules you have followed in redraft and dynasty leagues using the tool for years with a few minor caveats detailing how many players to take at each position. Feel free to deviate slightly from the exact slotting in order to make sure that player thresholds at each position are reached.

Other than that, basically, the rules are so simple, a toddler could follow them. Keep checking back to to make sure you have the latest version of the Best Ball Cheat Sheet before drafting, as things can and will change (sometimes drastically) through the spring as ADPs shift and as we gather more of our industry-leading intelligence on the 2021 class. THIS IS THE INITIAL SKELETON, so stay tuned for frequent updates. We’ll make a post on the ticker each time the sheet receives an update to keep everyone up-to-date. Please note the BBCS is for use in one-QB best ball leagues and is fine for either .5 or full-point PPR — so you should be good on sites like Underdog, Draftkings and BB10s, etc. however, it is not optimized for TE-premium settings, so if playing in FFPC contests, make sure to bump up the TEs a little bit to make sure you don’t get left without one.

Welcome to another fantasy season, RW Nation.

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Click here to go to the downloads section and get V.1 of the RosterWatch Best Ball Cheat Sheet.


  1. It’s a beautiful thing seeing the cheatsheet! Looks good guys.

    Demetric felton did not make the cheatsheet I noticed. Curious because he’s RB eligible on Best Ball 10’s and you guys saw him and will play WR, right? Worth a last round dart since a WR at RB could get you a few big weeks?

    1. Would agree in that scenario he’s a bit of a sneaky pick in the very last round- yes he is a good player

  2. Also how about James Washington with juju most likely leaving?

    Kyle pitts is pretty low if he goes to NYG or CAR or pretty much wherever he goes isn’t he automatically a TE1? He’s going around pick 100 Underdog app fyi.

    1. Washington is interesting w/ everyone focused on Claypool- but we probably need to see how that QB situation shapes up

      Will adjust Pitts as the draft process continues, we usually take TEs late-

    2. thanks for the heads up will make a note to get him up a little, the skeleton changes a lot, but we wanted to get it up and get started on shaping it.

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