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RosterWatch 2021 Offensive Line Rankings Tool Now Available

These proprietary OL unit rankings help you decide which fantasy players project to get the most help from their run and/or pass-blocking unit during the 2021 season via our scouting evaluations combined with an array of other advanced metrics.

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  1. RosterWatch Nation. I have a question. I have been in a 12 team redraft full point ppr league at work for quite a few years. One issue I run into is trades. Nobody trades in our league at all. The problem I always run into each season is when Byron’s tradecast talks about buy low and sell high players each week. I can never buy low on players rostered by other teams or sell high on my rostered players. How do you navigate the season in a league like this? I have been a pro subscriber for a number of years now. Thank you for all the hard work you guys do for us year round.

    1. I would continue to try but there is nothing you can do about the attitudes of your leaguemates. I would look to join a more active league where you have a chance to take advantage of the trade market.

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