PRO RosterWatch 2022 Dynasty Rookie Draft Cheat Sheets NOW AVAILABLE in v1.0

RosterWatch Nation, Version 1.0 of RW’s legendary cheat sheet for dynasty rookie drafts is live and available for download to PRO members. Use the cheat sheet the same way you use the redraft cheat sheet. Follow the three simple rules, and an expert-quality draft is guaranteed. PRO Members can access the cheat sheet on their downloads page or by clicking here.

There is one sheet for traditional 1QB leagues and a separate sheet for Superflex/TE premium.

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  1. Post By born2beast

    What’s up guys,

    Aggressive on D.Pierce as RB3 up ahead of some WRs and other RBs, I like it after hearing about the acrobatic sidelines catches at the SB. I have some late round 1 dynasty picks he seems to be coming into focus.

    Also would like to hear thoughts on ranking Zamir White over James Cook who seem to land in the nuts spot in BUF. White is clearly the better runner as we saw with them being in same college backfield, but no guarantee he is ever even is the starter if they do bring back Jacobs, however unlikely that is. Splitting some hairs here but would love to hear your analysis.

    So I also see Keaontay Ingram is positioned to be a 3rd-4th round rookie pick. What do you like about him or is it more the landing spot with the depth chart open behind Conner or combination of both?


  2. – White over Cook is one we argued over and could slide back toward Cook; it will depend how offseason reports are looking and we’re going to try to get out to both camps this summer as well. Jacobs will be gone after this year and with that being the case, White seems to have a better chance of having a pathway to every down work. Cook’s appealing even in an ancillary fashion tho if he has the upside of an Alvin Kamara type. It’s a tough hair to split.

    – Conner is going to get hurt at some point and Keaontay is better than Eno. We have him as an early third which seems like a fair point to take a stab

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